Muay Thai pics from the 70's

Great Pics,Brooks!

Are any of those Master Danny?


The last two photos are.

The first of the last two pics is of Danny at about 19 years old.

The second of the last two pics is a news clipping of Danny winning the Lumphinee Stadium Title

What kind of gloves are those?

Little, old ones....

70's Thai Boxing? Have they all got massive moustaches and huge flares?
Can you repost? All I can see is something which says you've reached your bandwidth limit for this month. Harumph.



I will have to find another hosting service for the pics. DirectImageHost's limited bandwidth is a huge restriction....


I don't think these URL's can be linked, so I didn't embed them....

Thanks for Sharing! Good Stuff

Good pics. I like the training ones - for some reason that's how I imagine they train in Thailand, with a jungle in the background, although I imagine most camps are in the city. Either way, gotta be better than training in old factories like I've always done.