Muay Thai Seminar at The Boneyard

Saturday 9/11/04-Kru Toy will be at the Boneyard in Raynham,Mass. for a very special seminar.

Kru Toy is the manager of the offical/original Sityodtong camp in Thailand. Hes been involved in the art his entire life.

He has a genuine gift for reaching students and giving them points and tricks that improve their game by leaps and bounds in literally seconds.

Ive worked with him briefly in the past couple of weeks and the things he has showed me has immediately been put to use and Im a very slow learner.

If you saw Neil Sityodtong's muay Thai fight at the last Combat Zone held at the Matrix youve seen a product of this man's teaching.

There will be several trainers holding pads and helping you tighten up the techs that Kru Toy demonstrates.

I can go on for days about how incredible the Sityodtong camp is but Ill stop here and get back to details.

Date- Sat. Sept 11
Time- 11am-?
Place- The Notorious Boneyard 770 Broadway Raynham MA
Cost- $35

Nope thats not a typo, the price is $35. This is WORLD CLASS Muay Thai training for a LOCAL price so you need to take advantage of this. I guarantee the knowledge you absorb this day will be immediately applicable to your game.

For info and reservations call me at (617)461-5694.
For info on privates call the Sityodtong academy at (617)627-9678.

Show some mutha fuchin love. Sorry yall, I had to keep it g-a-n-g-s-t-a.

             Bobby Dias.


For those who aren't familiar with Muay Thai don't think that you'll be leaving here with bleeding shins from kicking down banana trees. Thats not how it works.

Real Muay Thai training is VERY technical and methodical.
This seminar is going to be great for ALL levels and everyone will receive more than enough attention.

I know this is a bad day in history so lets make it a good day by coming together and celebrating a common interest. Bring yo asses.

Help us please.

I have done martial arts pretty much every day since 1973 or so. Professionally, full time since 81. We had Kru Toy in at my gym a couple of years ago, like Bobby said "He has a genuine gift for reaching students and giving them points and tricks that improve their game by leaps and bounds in literally seconds"

Literally seconds. I have never learned so much useful stand up technique in a couple of hours, ever. 35 bucks is the deal of the year.

Call 617.461.5694 to secure your spot. You will not regret it.



ttt for Kru Toy

I was lucky enough to have a session with him last week at Sityodtong... definitely the highlight of my training year to date.


Im on my way up to Sityodtong for a private with him now and have more scheduled for next week.

Im taking full advantage of his short stay here.



Kru Toy and Kru Dellagrotte kick ass!

ttt for more info

My private with Kru Toy yesterday.
He showed me some CRAZY elbow shit that really makes me want to press the athletic commission to legalize them in this state.

We also worked some clinch technique that can be extremely useful in the ring.

He's the man.



4 days till the seminar and there are a few spots left so hit me up at the # above.