Muay Thai Seminars

What are your opinions on Muay Thai seminars? What instructors within N.America are recomended for good ones and which one's to stay clear of. I am considering hosting a 2 day seminar and looking for some input on who to bring in. Thanks

Rob Kaman is a great choice!

Kamans seminar is the best I've been to

Rob Kaman will be back here for another seminar on October 21.

Anyone interested in booking Rob email me:

I'm available for seminars!


Ive never been but ive heard Matees seminars are great...

I just did a 2 day Rob Kaman Seminar. Awesome is all I have to say!

Eric, Smae day I have Renato in. I may want to book one after we have you here

Trying put together a Rob Kaman seminar for Oct 13,14. Hope we have enough feedback to make it happen. Thanks for the input guys.

Thanks for the input guys. Rob Kaman seminar in Hfx Oct 13,14 is a go. Lots of positive feedback already.