Muay Thai show in L.A. this Friday

Anyone else going to this?Current UWMTA champ Bruce Krause is taking on former UMTA champ Fabian Zuniga this Friday at the Hollywood Park Casino, also George Basmajyan is taking on Kevin Ekyothin for the UWMTA Welterweight Belt. The UG's Mark Beecher is also fighting on the card, in a middleweight bout.Vut's Muay Thai shows are like a mini K1 circuit, it seems as if all these guys have ko'd each other out at one time or another.

I'm going, my buddy The Hyenna is fighting.

a friend of mine fought in this orginization about a year ago, its a good night of fights.

It's always a cool show at the race track, the only problem is the venue. It's really hard to see the fights.

Good luck to that sexy Hyena!!

t times 3

Yeah the General Admission seats aren't so great cause of that low ceiling, but Ringside and Premiere are fine. I guess that's why it's only an extra 15 bucks to to sit Ringside instead of in General Admisson.

Good luck to Mark 'The Hyena' Beecher!

should be good. i'll probably stop by.