muay thai store near Lumpini

I have seen several threads mention a muay thai store near Lumpini Stadium. From what I understand it's near the NightBazar, can anyone tell me exactly where it's located? Also, if you go there in the daytime where is a good place to park?
Thank you

There are several stores right on the stadium grounds. 2 Twins stores, Windy and Inter. The Night Bazaar itself has shopkeepers selling really poor equipment like FBT and knockoffs that are generally higher in price than the stadium shops. Stick with the stadium, practice your haggling skills and browse before buying. Don't know about parking as I took tuktuks or cabs.

Swift - Yes, you can haggle. If you try to speak Thai, it's a major bonus - work on the shopping questions beforehand and use the polite phrases, you can soften the sales staff to get a lower price than the original quote. I got 2 pairs of Twins pads for roughly $50 USD. You'll get more discounts the more you buy. Like if you ask how much for pads and they say "2000 baht" you could suggest 3000 for 2 pairs. The women working in the Windy and Twins stores speak good English and are firm on the price at Inter, they only have a young woman who speaks English, but the prices are lower across the board.

I was a diehard Twins supporter until the velcro on my sparring gloves and then bag gloves began to lose hold. Then, the same thing happened with our belly pads and Thai pads. Since many others had mentioned the velcro problems, I switched to a pair of Windy bag gloves (well 10 oz). I don't like the fact they are larger in volume than the Twins at the same weight, and since I got them a month ago, I can't say much about the velcro, but I'm guessing over time all velcro will wear down.  

thanks a lot for the information. I will make a trip out there this or next week. I just wasn't sure of where to go. The FBT equipment is the worst.

There is a large FBT sporting goods store near Ramkanhaeng University. The place has 7 floors. I saw guis and boxing gear there, I was only there once for some jump ropes. FBT may have what you want, you can call and ask... good to have a Thai friend do the talking.

Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Co., Ltd
2357 F.B.T. Sports Complex Building, Ramkanhaeng Road, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 02 7194752

You can get there by taxi, tell driver you want to go to FBT on Ramkanhaeng, they should know where you mean. Or you can go to Prakanong BTS and take the bus, go to exit which is closest to soi 71. There will be a bunch of people lining up for busses, I think 71 goes to Ramkanhaeng. Its got a huge sign that reads "FBT", you can't miss it.

Ramkanhaeng traffic can seriously bottle kneck, best to go in afternoon.

I have been there several times in the past. I am not a fan of FBT equipment, since I have had several timers break within in a week, etc. So I won't purchase their equipment again.

I thought FBT store had many brands of equipment, not just FBT. I could be wrong. I don't do muay thai and didn't look at that stuff.

FBT does carry other equipment, but it would be like going to Dick's in the USA and looking at the Everlast and Century gear they carry. Both are vastly inferior in quality and really for casual hobbyists at home.

But the FBT store carries some of the greatest football (soccer) kits I've ever if you're a Man United fan, Celtic, Bayern Munchen, etc. you can get almost anything. Plus tons of Adidas stuff too.

Where can I buy Muay Thai trunks and how much should I pay? I going to BoBae tomorrow, my friend said Bobae has muay thai trunks.

You know where I can train Muay Thai cheap in Bangkok?

I bought my pads at that small shop at Lumpini stadium after eating a few plates of awesome thai food from the vendor under the patio outside. 3 Japanese guys ordering 5 plates of food...everyone staring at us gluttons! Hell, just use your common sense and have a great time.

Anyone know if the Muay Thai at Din Daeng Thai-Japan gym is good? I bet it's cheap there.

thanks for the info about the shops. I went down there this weekend and picked up things cheap. The shop owners at one of the Twins stores were very rude though. Anyways, thanks for the info.