Muay Thai Strategy?

I've gotten good advice about instructionals on here before so I figure I would ask again. I thank you all in advance.

Basically I have pretty crisp Muay Thai and am looking for a Book or DVD that focuses on strategy. Preferably a stand alone resource which focuses on this, as I already know how to punch, kick, counter, etc. and don't want to waste money on a 5 or 7 DVD set that I only need 1 DVD of.

Any help you can offer is much appreciated. Thanks again.

ttt for assistance

"you learn Karate from book?"

said with my best Mr. Miagi impression

fair enough, didnt need it to be an end all be all. Just get some new ideas from it, I believe I can always learn mmore or something I didnt already know.

I own around 5 MT instructional books, and out of all of them I would say that Muay Thai Unleashed is the best. You can get it right here:

Duke Roufus has a set of Muay Thai DVDs that are pretty good. You can get the set right here:

Also, though not technically a pure MT set, Pat Miletich's striking DVDs are just all around awesome.
Here's the link: