Muay Thai Styles

I have a question on the different styles of Muay Thai. A friend of mine said the Dutch do things differently than the Thais. He did not explain the difference to me though. Also Chai, Vut, Master K, and Master Toddy.


From what I notice dutch style has better footwork and boxing and stay on the outer range. Thais more emphasis on knees, body kicks, elbows, and more emphasis on the inner range than dutch style. Also dutch style tends to be more aggressive and the thai style is a little more laid back and crafty.

I can't speak for master k's and toddy's style but I do train in Ajarn Chai's flavor of MT. Of course we do lots of knees... kicks.. elbows... but from what i have noticed we do more punching and movement than the traditional MT school. Hope this helps.

"dutch style has better footwork"

It's not better, it's different.

Kru Popejoy! Good Afternoon Sir~

Just wondering how the footwork is different?


btw I heard your MT classes rock! (i see some brown stuff on my nose now)

It's a fighter by fighter, camp by camp kinda thing. Every fighter and every trainer has his own unique style, just like in boxing. There ARE steriotyped differences by region but you can't rely on them. Thai's are usualy weak with hands and brutal with knees and kicks. They tend to start the fight slow and finish fast. But not always.
The Dutch are usualy brilliant with putting hands and feet together and tear ass through the first few rounds of the fight, but not always.