Muay Thai Tourny in Bellingham, WA

Friday Night Fights! March 5th. Universal Solutions Martial Arts Academy. Come see the best Amateur Muay Thai and Submission Grappling fighters in the state of Washington. Weigh in 5:00 PM, First Fight 7:00 PM, for more information call USMA Academy at  (360) 738 - 3448 . For directions use the 'Contact Us" link on our site. See you there!

Is Kru Pong now living and training out of Washington state?

No, Kru Pongsan is still in Santa Clarita, CA. USMAA instructor Martin Gonzalez travels to Santa Clarita to train with Kru Pongsan once a month. He will usually train Friday, Saturday & Sunday for aprox 10 hrs of privates and group training. He has also taken Kru Pongsan to Washington for a seminar.

Thanks for clarifying. Is Santa Clarita close to LA? I have a student who is in graduate school and moving to the LA area in May. He'll have 4 months of muayThai training, and wants to continue. My immediate recommendation was to have him look up Kru Pong/Kru Puk.

Depending on which area you are driving from. I would say 1/4 of the students at World Muay Thai Gym travel from the greater Los Angeles area, like myself. Feel free to email me your students information and I will make sure he is taken care of by Kru Pongsan. Kru Puk, Kru Santee and Malaipet are also excellent instructors at MTA in North Hollywood. Paulo Tocha teaches out of the Bomb Squad Gym in Hollywood. Although the above instructors are world class trainers and great people, you can't go wrong by recommending him to Kru Pongsan Ekyotin of World Muay Thai Gym in Santa Clarita.

Ekyotin - Thank you for you help.

Since I don't have a pro account, would you email me at ?

khap khun khup,

I will email you tonight