Muay Thai v. Sanda

sorry if someone has already posted this but, i just found 4 files of an event where MT v. Sanda is the title. i started downloading it this morning, still have a bit to go.

watched bits of it to see what it was and it seems to be in either thai or chinese??

anyways, i have no clue what sanda is or where it was created.

just wondering if any of you have seen this yet?

it's on Kazaa

take it easy

well, i hope someone else is trying to download these fights. i got 2 out of the four files, the only shitty thing is, they are both part 2's.

these two events are from two separate months.

anyways, i couldn't wait any longer for the first parts so i watched some of the part 2's. the video is very clear and the camera angles are sweet.

this event is held in china and the first fight i watched was a 60kg fight. the sanda guy had looping punches and went for the clinch whenever he could.

when he did get the clinch, he'd body slam the MT fighter. after a while the MT fighter starts to throw knees while in the clinch and the sanda fighter is feelin it!

MT wins this match by either towel thrown in or, the fighter could not continue. the MT fighter was relentless on his attack, after every break up by the ref, you could see the fire in his eyes as he walked right into sanda fighter and unleashed his knees.

i've never seen or heard of sanda til now and i'm not too impressed by it.

that's my 2 cents, hope someone else gets to see these fights and share their opinions.

thanks and sorry for the long post.

They did only so-so against Muay Thai, generally outpointing them. But they trashed American (boxers and kickboxers), Korean, Japanese, and French teams. They did okay considering the Thais are the best and pro Sanda is only a few years old.

man, howd Sanda win by a landslide?

Whats the name of the file?

The more I think about it, the more pointless I find these Sanda vs Muay Thai matches to be. What the hell's the point of trying to prove who's the best? Sanda is best at being Sanda, and Muay Thai is best at being muay thai. The fact of the matter is that we're not really talking about comparing martial arts here, we're talking about sports. Sanda is its own sport and ring Muay Thai is its own sport. Why compare apples with oranges? You can't decide who's the superior athlete/competitor when their performances depend on different games. Tiger Woods isn't a superior athlete to Kobe Bryant just because he'd beat Kobe at golf. The muay thai guys sometimes KO or outbrawl their sanda opponents with their superior toe to toe brawling skills. And sometimes the sanda guys sweep, tackle and throw the thais all night long. What's the point? Those are tactics that sport muay thai fighters don't deal with. And who cares if a sanda champ got slaughtered in the K-1 Max by Kao Lan Kao Vi Chit? Throwing is an integral aspect of Sanda, so how can he be forced to depend solely on his kickboxing skills to fight well? It's like asking a muay thai guy to fight without round kicks. So what's the point of sanda challenging muay thai? You don't prove that you're a superior athlete to an Olympic judo player just cuz you can punch him in the face.

Well said Maxximus

yeah, well said Maxximus, but id still like to watch it

hehe, yeah i admit i'll keep watching when i have the chance. I like to see the chinese apply their throws, and its easier to do that against guys who don't know how to deal with them that well. And of course its also great to see whenever pure MT guys adapt to it and knock them the fukk out, hehehe. Does it prove naything? No. Can it be entertaining? hell yes

Well, they are adapting each other's techniques..

"The more I think about it, the more pointless I find these Sanda vs Muay Thai matches to be. What the hell's the point of trying to prove who's the best?"

maxximus, very good point my friend, and i too will continue to watch it.

Y A W N grow up Adonis, I guess your childhood fantasy of an unbeatable fighting system have just gone down the drain and you are sad, but life can go on, seek help