Muay Thai Video

personally the Ramon Dekker highlight video is my favorite, but this is good as well:

GREAT vid Pilot! Thanks!

did you ever see the Ramon Dekker highlight vid I have?

i haven't. please post if you can. thanks.

His name is Buakaw .....and he is scary good !!
oh yea was Ramon Dekker !!

They have been talking about matching Buakaw & Dekker up, but Dekker retired years back and has a string of injuries such as knee and ankle. In his prime it would have been an amazing fight.

Looked like they were throwing each other around; that isn't MT. 
I'd like to see an elbow KO in a MT fight.

It is MT, they just got away with more then the norm.

  Why weren't they throwing any elbows?

I only saw one spinning elbow. I don't know if you train MT or not, but at their level they know once they attack or defend an attack they move out of range immediately, so throwing an elbow at that level would probably fail or open you up for a counter.