Muay Thai Videos

Where I live (south Alabama) we don't have any quality Muay Thai training and I have to travel out of state to do any good training.
Can anyone suggest a good set of instructionals and a website to buy them on?

thanks for the help


MiccsMartialArts does he do any work with the Thai clinch in those videos?


I personally think that the Rob Kaman series is pretty useful, but like anything else, there is no substitute for a class and instructor.

That said, a good video (and perhaps book) and some solo training would be an excellent idea for conditioning while no class is available.

Panther Productions did a whole slew of training videos, not sure if they transferred them to DVD, but try find them, the Muay Thai ones are excellent in terms of conditioning exercises and warmups, followed by proper technique. Useful for reasons stated above.

RAZOR's DVD's are mad ill bro. But IMO only useful if you already have your basics down w/ muay thai. Instructionals will sharpen you techniqual skill. & like already stated great for conditioning !

I put together a series of dvds for my email newsletter following which
are fights from thailand cut with training footage in thailand from the
various docs/fights over the years. i originally used them to correlate
the physical training and motivate the guys. you can email me if you
are interested as i have a few left.

The rob kaman series is good. Also are looking for basics? clinching?

Thanks everone for the help.
pahuyuth1 I am looking for basics and clinching technique. I have been trainnig for a few years and have competed a couple of times, but I am looking for anything to make me better. I sent you an email about the tapes.