Muay Thai VS Kanagroo (bad vid)

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian animal welfare authorities launched a nationwide hunt on Thursday for a man filmed punching and kicking a kangaroo unconscious.

The video, which shows the man using kickboxing-style attacks on the kangaroo as his friend laughs while filming, was sent to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Western Australia state.

In one scene the man pulls the kangaroo towards him and uses his knee to hit the animal’s chest and the man punches the kangaroo’s face as the animal struggles to remain standing.

A final punch knocks the kangaroo to the ground where it appears to lay unconscious. It is unclear whether the attack resulted in the death of the animal, which authorities believe was injured, possibly in a car accident.

The RSPCA said it had launched a nationwide appeal to catch the men responsible for the attack and video.

“We are appealing to every media outlet in Australia to help us track down the cowards behind the vicious attack on this kangaroo,” RSPCA spokesman Richard Barry told reporters.

“Thankfully this sickening footage has now been removed from the website where it was first seen. The next stage is to ensure that those responsible for this film are brought to justice,” said Barry.

“Only a coward would attack an injured and obviously terrified young animal much smaller than himself. We want these cowards to be caught, charged and prosecuted,” he said.

fuckin' despicable.

this guys needs to be beaten

what gives someone the idea to beat up a kangaroo

horrible form.

no one even taught the poor roo to keep his hands up

That video was dispicable.

If we were talking about cats, that would be another story.

I laughed at this at first. Now I feel like a fuck head.

I hope they catch that fucktard.

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The kangaroo clearly started the altercation and the man was acting in self defence.

As an Australian, having spent a bit of time with roos back in my country days, I would love to find this kid, take him a locked room for 5 minutes, and make sure he didn't leave conscious

Guy thinks hes real fuckin cool fighting animals, i say they give him more animals. I wanna see some match ups, Lion, Bear, Komodo Dragon. That roo looked like a can anyways.


If the guy thinks he's such a bad ass kickboxer, he should try to fight an ostrich and get a feel what real kicks are.

I'm Aussie too, and i guarantee that was not a healthy roo.

That chickenshit faggot would get owned by an equal sized pissed off roo. Those things kick like Crocop and there have been reports of severe injuries caused by them attacking humans.

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 I won't watch that video, but I am just waiting for some faggot to come on here and say this is a good thing because Kangaroo's are an "infestation".

This is honestly the first video on the internet i've decided not to watch, i'm so fucking disgusted by these kids.  I'd like to strangle them myself, after dislocating all of their joints, slowly.