muayThai amulet

Does anyone know if there is a buddhist amulet to be worn around the neck to protect fighters? Perhaps the name I think I may have heard in the past is Loong Pakun (pardon the phonetical spelling). I think someone said this was the monk for muayThai.

From what I've seen, different people (not just fighters) wear different amulets representing different monks. We have a kid from Thailand in our gym who wears one of the amulets with a famous monk from his province in Thailand who helped people escape from communists.

I've seen other Thai's wear amulets that merely have buddha images in them.

Almost ever Thai wears an amulet, there are numerous types with different meanings, there are entire magazines devoted to the subject.

Do an eBay search and see just how many there are.


Amulets are best as gifts. Images of Buddha in general should not be purchased for oneself (traditionally). The fruit vendor down the street gave me my amulet, for "overcoming my enemies".


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