MuayThai/bjj schools in Reno NV

I just moved to the Reno Nevada area. Does anyone know if there are any MuayThai/Bjj schools near by? I did find one guy who teaches Bjj out of a westcoast school, but I didn't like their standup(mostly tkd stuff). Any help would be appreciated. If I had to settle for one or the other I'd choose MT, but I'd like both. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. Mike.


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Oh that's funny!

I did find a straight blast gym in carson city, which is about an hour away, but I'm still hoping that one of you guys out there knows of somewhere closer.

I think Gary Grate (think that's his name) teaches in Reno. He's a brown belt under Charles Gracie. I know I've seen people at tournaments sporting "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Reno" shirts.

Thanks dray.