MuayThai coach attacked

Nasty surprise for robbers

SEREMBAN: Four armed robbers fled for their lives when they inadvertently broke into the home of a Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) coach at Taman Bukit Intan here.

The 28-year-old Muay Thai coach John Yong fought off the four Indonesian robbers when they broke into his home at 2.30am yesterday.

Yong, who was woken up by the screams of his 52-year-old mother, rushed to her aid and saw that two of the robbers were busy tying up her hands while the rest were ransacking her room.

Yong immediately went for them.

He kicked the two robbers who were busy tying up his mother.

They fell to the ground but the other two robbers retaliated by slashing Yong’s right arm and chin with a meat cleaver. He also sustained a shoulder wound after being stabbed with a screwdriver.

Undeterred, Yong continued attacking the robbers, injuring them all.

Realising that they were unable to take on the martial arts exponent, the four fled with only a mobile phone.

Yong’s family members rushed him to a private hospital here for treatment.

When met at the hospital, Yong said he wanted to teach the robbers a lesson as he was infuriated with the way they had treated his mother.

“Luckily, my eight years' experience in boxing came in handy,” he said.

Yong said he fought with all his might against the four robbers, adding: “At one point, I felt like the silver screen hero, Jackie Chan, when I took on the four.”

OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Abdullah said police had launched a manhunt for the robbers.

RECOVERING: Yong being treated at the Seremban hospital Thursday. He is thankful that his eight years experience in boxing has stood him in good stead.

That is badass. I hope he recovers fully. You don't fuck with Muay Thai!

how awesome would it have been if he walked into the room, then turened around and locked the door behind him so they couldnt leave, then proceeded to kick their asses.

I wish him a speedy recovery.

Great story. Good luck to Yong in his recovery. Good post gakami.

lol @ kbeezy... i was actually thinking of the same thing.

this guy is one badass. hope he gets better soon.

what happened to his guard work?

Lol, Fat Buddha.

Do you want Muay Thai?

That's fucking beautiful! We hear so many stories of innocent people being victimized, it's good to hear just a few, for a change, where the innocent turns the tables.

He should have done like Tong Po and gestured to his shins before kicking them.

Agreed Matt. I'd love to see articles like this in the paper much more often.


hmm i wish i walked in his place while that was happening s o i coulda busted some heads myself :)

Yong is the man n godbless U and MOMMY as well.



That was KICK ASS!!


"how awesome would it have been if he walked into the room, then turened around and locked the door behind him so they couldnt leave, then proceeded to kick their asses."

true, that would have been awesome. but something like that most likely would have increased the possibility of him being stabbed more. NOT a good idea. kids, dont try this at home.

he did what he felt was neccessary at that given moment. im just glad he came out on top. i hear there is a shortage of muay thai coaches vs. football coaches.

Awesome story and I wish him a speedy recovery. He put his life on the line to save his mother. I think everyone one of us would've done the same--maybe not with the same results, but we would've tried! LOL


That's cool as hell! I hope he recovers fast!

It might have been a lot differnt had the robbers been Blue belts in BJJ!