I just ordered a pair of Twin's gloves off their site. I've ordered stuff
before, but I noticed that the 160z gloves are not in stock and made to
order. Then after I ordered I saw that made to order items take 2-8
weeks!!!!!...and then another 5-15 days for dispatch. So I could potentially
wait up to 2 1/2 months for these gloves. For those that ordered Twins
gloves from this site how long did it take to ship to the US? Thanks...I
should have got them from somewhere in stock.

i would've just ordered from ebay. there a few dealers who have just
about any style, color, and weight twins gloves you'd want. and i know
alot of people get put off by the shipping charges, but the total price
would still be cheaper than buying fairtex gloves from any U.S. site,
and the total price would still be comparable to buying gloves from
rinside, combat sports, title boxing, etc.

We order from Hero Sport in Thailand, the website is It takes generally 10-14 days to make our custom Twins gloves regardless of oz. and then about a week to ship to us. We have only had a problem once, that was when we ordered the Thai cream too and customs in Alaska kept it a month and then sent it back...sucked. But generally ordering twins gloves from them has been a good experience. Check 'em out.