Much success 2005

I am wishing everyone much success in 2005 and i thank
everyone for there support i wanna thank kirik for
the thread he posted and derek for believing in me
Plus david from would like to thank
all the fighters that i am working with thank you
for giving me the chance to show my skills.Well my goals are just to work more and help others.So what
are your guys goals for next year.

CrutchMaster:)peace and have a safe weekend.

Peace..same to you!



Back at ya brother

Likewise my friend,

back at ya

Thanks guys best wishes to all!!!


i wish everyone the best in 05 as well im hoping this to be my year......


I also want to wish everyone a Happy 2005 Year!

My goals are:

  1. To be successful in 4-5 MMA fights this year.

  2. To raise over $20,000 in my two St. Judes events.

  3. Gain more students in my BJJ classes.

Fearless Goat

It's great what your doing fearless goat good things
will come your way for sure:)!!!


My goals are to: others. seminars.
3.train my fight team.


crutchmaster helped us go undefeated


Thanks alot guys i just got hired i am helping guy now
get in better shape he wants to join the swat team.
This will be a good challenge for for me.It's cool getting a chance to work with a police officer.

CrutchMaster:)peace Happy new years everyone!!!

Happy New Year Duane

My goals for the next year are to see my son born and start on a long term goal of being a good father, to work harder in BJJ and get back into the ring and on the winning track.


TTT Good luck!

Crutchmaster- Thank you for the kind words! Any way you can get to Wisconsin for this event in February?


I am not sure let me know when it is bro.


Saturday February 12, 2005 in Kaukauna,WIsconsin