Mud Namers.....

Man the Fuck up and buy a pro-membership

My bluename just ran out. :(

P.S. HI KKM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will buy one straight away!


will u post a pic for me

Sure Tackle I will.

you think kirik's yacht is going to pay for itself?

I only post from work. I'd get in trouble if I bought a blue name from this computer.

I bought a blue name not too long ago. Basically because I was saying I was going to for about a year. And I like to look into threads beyond 151...

what toodlenotcher said

Muddy pride bitches!


actually I got into UFC when i rented all of there tapes from Video For All at age 9 then got back into it before TUF 1 so eat a dick

i dont post enough to buy a blue name

i just spent my money on some new sweat pants so maybe next welfare check i'll sign up.

Why? why? why?

Okay, I bought one.

my dad says going blue name is for pussies

They got BoDog $$$ now, don't need my $30.

I refuse to pay 30$ to post at a fuckin forum.