Mudnamers lose nothing

I mean no disrespect to anyone who is not a paying member. My point is the site is virtually the same as it always was for those who do not contribute to membership. Kirik needs funds to keep this site up. To do this he has to raise money. He does this by offering perks to those who help finance this site. Pros get added perks and some more conviences - TRUE. Those that dont want to pay still get just about everything that was ever offered. Sure PROs can post a private message. I rarely see this being done so mudnamers arent really being cheated out of anything.

Again no disrespect but look at it this way... Without PRO memberships, mudnamers would have no site.

Feel free to offer any comments on what mudnamers no longer get that they had in the earlier mma sites. There is no conspiracy to get everyone to pay. Just takes funds to make this site grow as it has. Oh, and $25 for a whole year is a bargin anyway.

You won't hear me piss and moan.

I will add that yes, without a mix of PROs and mudnamers this site would be challenged. Hard to imagine success if all non-pay or all pay. There has to be a balance and that is what Kirik and company are trying to do (in my opinion).

I never piss & moan....... well not at the same time.........


But I always flush honest!

$29.95 You can sign up going through the Pro Membership link under Actions to your left

Kirik, will also take checks and money orders through the mail, if you don't like using your credit card online.

I see the search function only works for paying members now.


Man -- I never knew that being a blue-namer could be this cool. You get full functionality and you feel like a productive member of the community! INMO,this is the best mma forum online, and Im happy to support it.

I would think a combination of Blue/Green/Red names and advertisers help pay for this site. The mudnames are the ones that the advertisers shoot for I would imagine just as much as the coloured names. They want all of us to buy their product.

I'm happy with what functions I have here at the moment. When I upgrade I am sure I will be happy then too.

Cheers all!

the best thing about being a mudnamer is that your posts get deleted for free!

pro memebers pay for this privilege.

no complaining on my behalf

I think dougie is right. All of the advertisements should be what is supporting the site, not the members. I pay for mmaweekly because you are offered something like interviews, weigh-ins, etc.

I don't think its really right to pay 30 dollars to post on a message board.

The ads should pay for most of it.

I think it's great that people can pay and get more functions if they want. It's added revenue. But I wouldn't grow to depend on it too much. It's too much of a fluctuating stream.

Overall you want people here. Mudnamers or coloured names. No people and you have no one who wants to advertise.

But like i said, I like it here as I am now and when I upgrade it will be because I use the extra features or want to support the site more.

cool feature :

lol @ the spell check

that PRO HTML editor thing is cool

i wish i could afford the blue name.but bills come first, but i do appreciate all the blue namers and sponsers that skepp this site up and going, believe me it gets people involved in the got me involved and im the future heavyweight champion...........hahahahaha....what are the perks of a green name as i will soon be getting one ( unless homeboy backs oot)

I pay and still can't see all the threads.

Seemed like some pros lost something such as post replying last night...  LOL

it's amazing how all these other MMA forums are able to run and not charge their members