Muh Cheeze Balls!

Marvelous Monday here…GF and I are enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail, me and Old Fashioned for the digestion and her a Whisky Sour, with some nice Cocktail Lounge Music, some Planters CheeseBalls, and Fresh-Roast Spiced NUTS…

dinner will be FRIED CHICKEN, Mash Potato with GRAVY, and GREEN$



Tommy Cheeseballs…

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Don’t ask your girlfriend where the special sauce came from.

Enjoy the protein boost.

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I’m going to make one more cocktail…2 will be sufficient, must observe a gentleman’s discipline of moderation!

Im on #4! I’m middle class white trash though

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Steak sangwiches.

That’s your cousin isn’t it?

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Brandy sweet?

LOL Good Ticket!

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it was Irish Whisky, Bitters, smoke honey instead of sugar, and splash of sparkling water, with orange peel, and cherry

…now she’s upstairs putting on the lingerie so that I have to fulfill my masculine oblications