"Muh StopLO$$ES"-----Market Chasers

My boom$tick prices always go up

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Market timers gonna get crushed.

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I’m a long term investor and dividend collector, but the market isn’t good at all and may stay flat for years. I’m fine with that as I’ll just keep buying, but it’s terrible if you’re over 55-60.

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^I would say it’s not terrible if one was of the good fortune to have the ADVANTAGE to be gifted the knowledge to invest since a young age so that they are able to grow a good size cow/chicken that will give them the Passive Income Dividends Milk/Eggs to sustain them.

…but that’s the problem with Capitalism, it is at ODDS with the human nature to desire/consume instead of save and MOST peasants are not born into a situation that is conducive to passing on the knowledge for Financial Literacy

It’s good to see you can entertain yourself now that most have you ignored.

Might be time for a new character

Where do i put my chicken to get the eggs?

the Cow/Chicken is the Index…the Milk/Eggs are the DIVIDENDS

It’s always terrible when you have to adjust your plans because you suddenly have less money. Devastating, no. But no one enjoys saving for 30-40 years to watch 30-40% of it evaporate which will likely be followed by the same thing occurring with the equity they have in their home. Unfortunately, in North America most people only own stocks and their home and those markets usually run pretty parallel.

^the SMART couple in the 2nd Video(see my Liberal, Humble, REAL CONSERVATIVE thread) has a video on that and how to MANAGE the Up/Downs of the Market through DollarCostAverage Sustainable Investing. Some Years there will be greater returns and others. The key to managing that is to live on the same Fixed Budget in the Good years so that one can endure the Bad Years.

You have to use combinations and know what to throw when like a slick fighter. Dont take damage and stay in range so you can throw some offense too. Always position before profits.

Maybe I open a trade with a short Iron condor and adjust It into a broken wing butterfly. Just take whatever the market throws at you.
Get to the point where you know how to make your transitions seemlessly.

Easy Peezy.