Muhammad Ali's final photo shoot

These are the last official portraits of Muhammad Ali.

Proud to the end, the boxing legend, 74, stared defiantly into the camera lens just two months ago.

British photographer Zenon Texeira travelled to the US to photograph his hero, despite having no guarantee he would be well enough to go ahead.

Ali did not disappoint.

Texeira was told that although he may not respond, he would understand every word. 

He said Ali was a "delight" to work with and the 45-minute photoshoot was far and away the highlight of his career.

These pictures show The Greatest refusing, to the end, to give in to Parkinson’s disease.

As US president Barack Obama remarked after Ali's death, Parkinson's disease may have "ravaged" Ali's body, but it "couldn't take the spark from his eyes."

That is something Texeira was lucky enough to experience first-hand.

"I felt his aura," Texeira said.





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Legend, but that last pic makes me sad.

RIP Champ! Phone Post 3.0

Most recognizable sports figure in history Phone Post 3.0



Card -

Always loved this picture more than the famous, 'iconic' ones. The youth, the life, the potential. The most lively photo I've ever seen. The GOAT. Phone Post 3.0

Great pics

That was one bad man....he knew the game and he played it. Even in racially charged times. Phone Post 3.0

The last one shows you that he had seen and done it all. His life was complete, regardless of his condition. He lived a full life. He passed away almost 4 years to the day that my mom passed, double whammy. His life was tough and had so many ebbs and flows to it but tough times don't last, only tough people do. Rest easy champ. You inspired so many current world champs and lower level fighters like myself. It will never go unappreciated. Phone Post 3.0

Time catches us all. Phone Post 3.0

That last pic is great.  Still pretty, champ!

Jesus at that last picture.
Not that it's how I wanted to make a good investment, but out of sheer and complete coincidence, I bought his autograph about a week ago. Phone Post 3.0