Mule vs Elephant

looks like we are headed into one of hottest, most exciting general elections in the last few decades. i've been following the action, and tonights Obama speech really was climactic. i'm really interested to see McCain's reaction next week.

still not sure which way i'm gonna vote. but Obama - despite his shallow resume and liberal-lean - certainly has established himself as an iconic figure who seems to have the ability to unify people under an idea of "change." and that's a pretty easy concept to follow.

McCain's really gotta come out swinging as the "can-do" candidate. he truly has the chops to lead the country, but he's needs to establish a rally-cry that catches the voters' imagination if he want's to pull this election off. Obama made this task a little harder tonight via that dynamic speech. 

exciting me, at least. 

also...Chris Matthews coverage is pretty damn good.  he makes to political game fun.  he should do MMA pbp.

Clinton supporters are all supposedly gonna vote McCain just to keep Obama out. Gonna go McCain, even our votes won't matter,

mayhemmonkey401 - Clinton supporters are all supposedly gonna vote McCain just to keep Obama out. Gonna go McCain, even our votes won't matter,


Slick Willy's Pro-Obama speech was great yesterday! Is there some kind of covert operation i am not aware of?

i too have been trying to catch as much as possible, because while i hate politics, i am very much so into the Economy.

Feel meh?!

^i think the consensus is that the Clinton's are backing Obama because their party requires it. but not many people believe that they are true fans of Obama.

in Hillary's speech at the DNC she did say that she supported Obama, but really said nothing else complimentary about him. Obama's lack of experience is really coming under fire by the critics and she couldve really helped him out by boosting him up in that department. she did nothing.

^^right, but Willy did. And that's the guy that really matters imo.

One of the reasons a lot of people wanted to back Hillary is because they wanted to get Bill back in the office...kinda.

idk, i think Presidents for the most part are just figure-heads. It's the staff and advisers behind them that really make the difference. It's why i don't put too much concern behind his lack of experience.

I put more emphasis on whether or not people (citizens, politicians, world leaders) would listen to him sincerely. In the end, whose more likeable to put it simply.

experience=same shit, different day

obama's change is to go back to an america that educated the people w/ good schooling (not propaganda administered by mainstream TV).

obama's change is to go back to an america that encouraged people to get involved to influence government, not the other way around.

obama's change is to go back to an america the communicated to the world and not bullied them into submission. except for the atomic bombing of civilians in japan, the enslavement of blacks, the genocide of native americans, and the navy backed jailing of hawaii.

obama's change is to go back to an america that discourages big business' influence on politics. oops, big business always pushed policy. well, hopefully obama's change will replace old oil rich business w/ new renewable energy technology to lessen the influence of the old boy party with their old money to let some new more responsible businesses flourish.

mccain's cool so long as he's the mccain than ran against bush and not the one that supported him. mccain's a maverick in the republican party, at least he was. if i vote mcaain, i don't know which one i'm getting.

obama's the inspirational intellect local boy that was raised on the island but can skrap w/ the big boys on the mainland. think bj penn in the political octogan.

lastly, he got congressional dems (and a few republicans) to back him while bravely turning their backs to the powerful democratic machine- the clintons. that demonstrates that people of political influence have extreme confidence in his leadership. no one has presidential experience except a former president. it's like preparing for your first child; you're never quite ready but you can still raise a great kid.

I don't think Obama has any long term renewable energy initiatives. McCain is for Nuclear power which is the only true solution for countering the need for oil. Wind mills are only a small component of "green" energy. They are also totally based on the environment. No wind, no energy.

It is impossible to get big business influence out of politics. Obama probably has a lot of big businesses backing his campaign.

The main agrument I hear about Obama is that his campaign is based on change, but he does not state any specifics. That is what Hillary (Clinton, not HG Hillary) stated when she was running against him. I can say I am going to change the world as long as you do not ask me for specifics on how I will do it.

What I am worried about is when we have international issues with other countries, will Obama have the balls and leadership skills to stand up to these rogue countries and make sure that they comply to our stance on all war related issues. I am tending to think that he does not. That is where experience plays a part. I do not think McCain is all that tough in regards to war than Bush, but he is definitely stronger than Obama, plus he has a military background.

I agree that McCain is a maverick of the Republican party which is probably his downfall in full Republican support.

I think McCain is a better choice of two "not so great" candidates. I actually wished Rudy Guiliani won the republican bid. He has balls, was charismatic, agreeable stances, and is strong under pressure.

I think with the volatility of the world now, we need a leader that will not let countries push us around or do not heed our warnings.

As much as I think McCain would be good for the economy,
I'm not sure I can forgive him for getting the early UFCs banned
from PPV. And I doubt he would show Hawaii love as much as
Obama. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Obama...

I was a die hard Hillary fan and will vote for her in 4 years. I love Bill (no homo) and imo buy one Clinton get one free should have been the slogan.

With that said I am voting for McCain. The American dollar is weak as shit because we owe too much money. I belive Mccain will fix this

I'm with the Onzuka on nuclear energy. America's cold-war hang-ups have really stopped us from tapping into an amazingly inexpensive fuel source..and one that does not screw up the environment like carbon-based energies.

It's a tough thing to push and was one of the down falls of Jimmy Carter =( (one of the nations most brillant Presidents).

the volatility in the world is in response to america's thuggish over stepping of it's boundaries in foreign affairs. imperialism still exists, just in another forms. mccain supports more oil drilling which increases are dependancy on it and jeopardizes the stability of the environment. like fishing and hunting, like owning your own land, don't allow government to take it over. gas prices are high because of the market value. if you ever watch the apprentice, a cost of an item isn't based on it's worth but on what people will pay. i'm still driving my car, and since it still takes me the same amount of time to get anywhere, i'm assuming many people are still driving. the choice of america's fuel came down to alcohol or pertoleum. henry ford pushed for the cleaner, better burning alcohol, while james rockafeller pushed petroleum. old money and old boy politics got us into oil and they're keeping us on it. alternative energies are developed and being used by other countries, we, the people, need to educate ourselves about them, then demand it from our politicians. i believe that's the message that obama is driving. his campaign is funded not by big business, but everyday people. btw, mccain also pushed for campaign reform before his run in w/ bush.

wannaberich - gas prices are high because of the market value. if you ever watch the apprentice, a cost of an item isn't based on it's worth but on what people will pay.

Hmmm...agreed...but its a little bit of an over-simplification to say oil prices are high because of market value.

One BIG reason oil is so expensive is one that most American's don't know: The Chinese gov't actually subisdizes the private sector's purchase of oil, thereby reducing the expense to Chinese consumers. And, as economics dictates, as price decreases, demand increases. So, the Chinese have increased demand while paying a lower price than the Americans. If the Chinese paid fair (similar/equal to US) prices for oil then you would see a global drop in price.

But their economy is growing so fast that they need government subsidation to keep the economic fired alive. What hurts the US even more is that we borrow cash from the Chinese to buy our oil and pay for our war, thereby funding their government's subsidation efforts when we repay the loans.

Oh man. Lets let the Chinese takeover already.

China is in for a world of hurt. Yes they are doing well now, but they are certainly set for many ways.

While the Olympics were on i was able to catch a few segments discussing their changing economic dynamics. It doesn't look good in the end. Because of the across the board raising cost in China, many companies are abandoning Chinese manufacturing, and going to other countries like India and Vietnam.

I agree with wannabe about the oil prices. The hands that supply our oil are blatantly gouging the consumers. And why not (their thinking), their days are numbered so they are capitalizing on it now to parley it into some thing else down the road.

I heard his guard has never been passed.


looks like he's coated in mochi flower.

PT...your example is correct and is a international example of supply and demand. just know that higher oil prices are buy design and has been engineered through the US gov't by oil barons like bush.

China is far from fucked. They are making the jump from 3rd to first world with inovations like the 3 gorges dam. The difference is tehy are going to start making good shit vs cheap shit

bottomline this is gonna be a tough election and hopefully we make the right choice

KUIndustries - China is far from fucked. They are making the jump from 3rd to first world with inovations like the 3 gorges dam. The difference is tehy are going to start making good shit vs cheap shit

Not from what i've heard/read. The cost of labor has gone up exponentially, forcing manufacturers to raise production costs and cut corners in workmanship. Thus the buyers are now getting fed up enough to search for new suppliers.

Yes, they have made incredible advances in their countries wealth/power, but due to their social imbalances they are certainly facing difficult times ahead.

imo their yin/yang is fukt, and it'll surface eventually.