multi-vitamin question...

Can you take more than 1 a day? I just kinda thought a guy working out and training everyday couldn't possibly need the same amount of vitamins as a guy sitting at a desk all day. But I've also heard too much of certain kinds could be bad. I'm not talking about eating a bottle, but would maybe 1 in the am and 1 in the pm be good?

depends on the multivitamin and the PDA's of each vitamin. Excess vitamin B and C aren't much of a problem. Excess A and E can be toxic at extremely high levels. If you took 2 Centrum-type mv's per day that probably would be ok, but if it is a more high-powered one I would be careful about taking more than 1 or 2.

It's the centrum performance one I'm taking. Thanks for the response! So would it be beneficial at all as far as energy or anything like that to take 2?

depending on how expensive you want your piss to be, take as many as you want.

From what I know, centrum vitamin is not that great. It has a rating of 3.1 out of 100. It is also synthetic so does is not absorbed by the body as well. It takes about 5 hours to break down and is in the large intestines by that time. (Most digestion and absorption occurs in the small intestine)

"From what I know, centrum vitamin is not that great. It has a rating of 3.1 out of 100"

Damn man. I asked the pharmasist before I bought em and she said they were ok... I'm just gonna have to go to a gnc or something I guess. I just hate going there cause everythings way overpriced...

Remember that 'recommneded' doses of vitamins are BARE minimums to survive.

You an easily have 3 or 4 multi-vits a day without any problems.

That's kinda what I thought pulsar... or are you joking? not that I'd take 4, but I thought 2 might be good...

I always thought that you'd just piss excess vitamins away...I take about 500g of Vit C a day plus around 3 centrum types everyday is that overdoing it?

Excess Vitamin A and E get stored in fatty tissue and become toxic over time -- of course, you need like 4000% of your daily allowance of each to reach that point, if not more. Vitamin B and C get pissed away.

I take 2 MegaMan by GNC each day - far better than Centrum IMO. I order it from


vitamins a t e k are all fat soluable and toxic if you take to much. other than that you should be ok. I take 2g of vit c a day.

I take a few a day but scatter it out. It would probably make more sense to split one up and take it in the morning and night rather than once a day too.

if it doesnt turn your pee neon yellow. it is a garbage pill. there are certain vitamins that are common in multi's that if they are made right, you will definatly have neon yellow pee, if you dont, then your body isnt diegesting them (due to cheap manufaturing methods. if you dont believe me check your poop

This may sound silly but, I use the high energy multi's they sell at costco... cant remember the name off the top of my head but theyre supposed to be good.... but to maintain vitamine levels through out the day i get a big bucket of childrens vitamins... theyre like candy so i dont mind popin' 1 or 2 more when ever i eat... and theyre way cheaper.

i used to try and take all those fancy vitamins but to be honest i just cant stand swallowing all those pills every day.... i feel just as good with these... and theyre tasty!!!!!

LOL@me but its true

1 centrum is more than enough. Anymore is just not needed. Break the centrum in half and take each 1/2 at seperate times of the day.

If you are so concerned with absorbtion, then you shouldnt be taking a multivitamin. Many minerals interfere with other minerals and fight for absorbtion. There are many articles on this topic, and what minerals/vitamins to take together. I know Victor Conte did alot of research and has alot of material on the web about it. Most of his reading i've done has been more on minerals.

Eat a decent diet with fruits/vegetables and you do not need more than 1 multivitamin, and that's if you even need that 1.


Do they sell that in stores? Is it a full multi with all the stuff the pills have? Does it pass the neon pee test so you know it's working lol?

Thanks LL. Even if I don't take that certain one, I can see how the liquid would absorb better... I'll have to try one.

I heard of that neon yellow before. Some people have said it means it is working, some people have said it is extra vitamins just being wasted. How do you know it means it is being used?