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From: docdeath81
Date: 08-Oct-00 | 08:43 PM

Mr. Blauer, could you recommend any training drills for fighting multiple assailants, also, what should I focus on in training, both mental and physical? Scott Sonnon said you're the man to talk to for a "crash course" in fighting 2 or more men. I was specifically thinking in terms of 3 men about my size, all strong and in good shape. These are friends of mine, and I want to practice a multiple assailant scenerio with them. Any help would be appreciated.

Dr. Death


Subject: RE: INFO
From: Tony Blauer
Date: 15-Oct-00 | 09:02 PM


There are so many things to do.

1. Of course you need to apply a different mind-set and logic to breaking the fight down. 3 is not 1 and 1 is not 3, but they are multiples of one another and the key is to never let the math beat you [mentally].

2. The leader is usually the guy to deal with, because often the gang mind-set and bravado is synergistic. Kill the Queen Bee and the others may scatter [operative: may].

3. Applying our CWCT [Closest Weapon Closest Target] approach to deploying natural weapons is key. SO sometimes, though the leader may be the 'choice' target, psychologically, the least experienced guy may be the best shield and/or 'cannon fodder'. AT a minimum, you've applied elementary math [subtraction skills] to turn a 3 on 1 into a 2 on 1 and so on.

4. In training for these scenarios you need to apply two key training rules that have been a part of my SCENARIO SOP since day 1 [1982!]

a) BE A GOOD BAD GUY [in other words your partners must replicate the behavior of the opponent - not a sport opponent]

b) NEVER MAKE YOUR PARTNER LOOK GOOD...BUT NEVER MAKE YOUR PARTNER LOOK BAD [ The ego system, once it knows what the parameters of the drills are will sneakily try to dominate. The mind-set here is to ONLY replicate the problem, not to screw up the tactics you're trying to evaluate and/or refine. This is key in developing confidence and very few role-playing systems fully understand this point].

5. There are many drills to do but realistically, I can't write them out at this time. Lots of food for thought and keep a look out for our MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS DRILL tape.

Any of our tapes on BALLISTIC MICRO-FIGHTS will help you to develop safe but aggressive drills, some interesting stuff on our audios on this, as well.

Good luck,


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thanks for your time mr. blauer,
seriously, i thought this would be a
popular thread. Can you recommend physical
attributes to develop, or any drills at
all would be appreciated!

Dr. Death

Maybe they're afraid to read it.


Or they think you need to be part of a gang in order to understand it.


Drills? The secrets written above my friend.

Work realistically 'One-on-One', then add water!


Nice stuff!
This actually came up on the Uechi forums a few
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Mr Blauer,

I was in 1 against 4 scenario (defuse stage), but (fortunately?) I only had to deal with one of them at defend stage. I got sucker punched (decent strong neck helped a lot). I used the wall alot to slam the attacker. This unfortunate incident happened a long time ago.

Here are my rambling thoughts:

When You are the predator and you are not alone, you perceive your solo, 'helpless' prey as:
1. Fun.
2. Media to channel frustation and jealousy.
3. Doll to prove your toughness. More tough, more reputation, more ego.

But when the 'helpless' begin to feast on your friends, you start thinking about pain, loss, and shame. There's a risk there, and you are not gonna put your ego and reputation at stake, so you back off. It's better than being beaten and injured. The image of extreme pain and the actual fierce defender are strong enough to set aside your will to help your friends. You can still find another 'helpless' prey another day.

My thoughts above, plus an actual similar experience, plus a similar advice from the 'archeologist'. I think and I feel that I can rely on overkilling one attacker to scare the others. Mr Blauer, please tell me if I'm wrong or missing something.

One more question: on multiple attacker scenario, is it safe to utilize broken rhythm combos on one attacker or just single shots initiated by CWCT? Or it doesn't really matter?

Thank you for your time and advice


Hi Tony,
I thought I would share this.

I was involved in an incident just this weekend. I was coming home after a night out with my wife and her sister-in-law when 3 guys across the street started mouthing off calling them names. At first I ignored them but then one started to cross the road towards us. I stopped and let the girls walk on about five to ten feet from me.

All three were about 18 -19yrs old, drunk and angry. The first two stayed on the opposite side of the road while the other just paced up and down in front on me on the road (I was on the pavement so there was about 3-4 feet between us). He was using some pretty profane language but as I have been working on emotional climate drills I did not find myself getting angry, in fact I became calmer. I also recognised my adrenaline rush as my arms and legs started to feel weak but having listened to your audio tapes I knew what I was feeling was positive.

A second guy came across the road and tried to get into my face and I automatically SPEARed him. It was only then that I realised that my hands were in a submissive posture and the SPEAR flowed so easily without my having to think of it.

I asked the first guy what was wrong thinking that those that could be persuaded to talk could walk,I also tried empathy asking how he would feel if someone was shouting at his sister or girlfriend that way.

Unfortunately at this point I realised that the first attacker was not going to calm down as he continued to rant in front of me. I stepped closer and asked "why are you so angry?" As he started to respond I stepped in to take him out ( I could not tell you now what I might have done) as I stepped in a police car which had crept up on us turned on it's lights, the two guys ran back to their buddy and walked away still shouting as they did so.

We walked home and I have been analysing the incident ever since. It all happened very quickly. I regret I did not have my "be your own bodyguard" ready as I was not at all angry during or after the incident.

Of those I have told most have said they would not have waited so long to take the guy out and I now wonder myself. He said some pretty crude things to the girls and left them upset.

Thanks for your tapes Tony, and thanks for the SPEAR, I truely believe they helped me out in what potentially could have been a very nasty situation.