Mundial Medalists in Their 30's

I was looking over the black belt results of the 2010 Mundials and I noticed a number of medalists in their 30's. I'll list them below and let me know if I missed any.

-Felipe Costa (32)
-Mario Reis (31 I believe)
-Cobrinha (30)
-Telles (34)
-Gustavo Campos (30)
-Bruno Bastos (30)

Good Stuff. Why were you looking at medalists in their 30's?

...Just wondering.

Oh haha, I'm 30 now and I was just looking for some inspiration to still compete in the adult divisions.

Awesome! Gave me motivation as well.


Daniel Beleza - I think 34 - has won three straight third places in light feather adult

Dude, he may not medal that often, but Megaton should be all of the inspiration anybody needs.

35 and Im training now for it! Cant wait! Blackbelt roosters im coming for you!

Look at Megaton and Barbosa for big inspiration here.

Awesome posts. I didn't know that about Beleza, I enjoy his matches. Also, which Barbosa?

Is Robson Moura still competing? If so that would be another good example.<br /><br />I don't believe Marco is still competing, but Abmar is... he's probably around 28 or 29 now.

Megaton is the reason I still compete Adult at my old age!