Mundial results so far on Sat

Care of Tatame:
BJJ black belt Ronaldo Jacaré (Brasa) has just submitted Paulo Strekert via triangle choke from the mount in his first bout. Fábio Nascimento (Lótus) defeated Eduardo Arrivabene by 7x0 and Fernando Tererê's partner at TT Jiu-Jitsu, Eduardo Telles, was defeated by Gracie Barra's black belt Alexandre de Souza, by 4x2. Over the brown belt, André Galvão won again, this time submitting a Japanese fighter. Now, on the mat, Érick Wanderlei (Gracie Barra BH) faces Eduardo Santoro (Cia Paulista) and over the other bracket, Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) fights Adriano Silva (Otávio de Almeida).

Check out the other results at the IX BJJ Worlds:

Super-heavyweight Alan de Souza (Orlando Saraiva)
Super super heavyweight: Caio Barbante (Orlando Saraiva)

Rooster: Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra)
Super featherweight: Wilson Reis (BTT)
Featherweight: Leonardo Thomas (Gracie Barra)
Lightweight: Celso Vinícius (Gracie Barra)
Middle heavyweight: Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra)

The first black belt Open Class' bout has finished. Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Roberto da Silva (Beto e Cia) by points. Pinheiro was better and applied a take down and passed his opponents' guard. According to Team TATAME, there is four brackets of black blet Open Class and the main names of the tournament are in stand-by as Ronaldo jacaré, Saulo Ribeiro and Marcelinho Garcia.

Galvão submits first victim at Tijuca

BJJ brown belt André Galvão (TT Jiu-Jitsu) has just made his first victim at the middle division over the IX BJJ Worlds. The TT Jiu-Jitsu phenomenon submitted Tiago Ribeiro (Brazilian Top Team) via arm-lock at 3:00 sec. But even before the submission, Galvão attempted the omoplata, swept and got the mount. Right now, the black belt open class brackets has been determinate. Take a look at some of the confirmed athletes: Fernando Tererê, Marcelo Garcia, Alexandre and Saulo Ribeiro, Fabrício Werdum, Roger Gracie, Rodrigo Comprido and Érick Wanderlei, among others.

BJJ: Australian wins Blue Open Class - 15:30h

BJJ has been ruling all over the globe. Prove of this was seen yesterday at the Tijuca Tênis Clube's mat. Australian Michael Wilson (Gracie Barra Australia) surprised all Brazilians and got the gols at the Blue belt Open Class category. Over the final bout, Michael defeated Adilcionei Costa (Rillion Gracie). Right now, IX BJJ Worlds meet his first brown belt champions: Bruno Barbosa and Wilson Reis (BTT/Godói). They closed the brown featherweight division. Bruno defeated Leandro Martins (TT Jiu-Jitsu) by advantages (3x2) after a tied game (4x4). In the other bracket, Wilson defeated Fábio Myazato (Master) also by advantages (2x0). Stay tuned. In around half an hour, the BJJ black belts will step inside the mat for the Open Class' dispute. Toy cannot miss it.

Check out the full list of champions (purple belt):

Rooster: Bruno Malvacine (Gama Filho)
Super featherweight : Leon Amâncio (TT Jiu-Jitsu)
Featherweight: Leonardo leite (Gracie Barra)
Lightweight: Matheus Bernardi (BTT)
Middlewight: Gregor Rangel (Gracie Barra)
Middle heavyweight: Leandro Rameh (Gracie Barra)
Heavyweight: Rodrigo Cavaca (Alliance)

Leonardo Leite, of the Gracie Bar defeated with three sweeps Jose Maria, of the TT Jiu-Jitsu and invoiced the gold in the weight for 6x0. Also with three sweeps, Leon Praz Amâncio (TT Jiu-Jitsu) defeated the purple belt of the da Brasa Fernando Tadeu Santos





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Open Class final: Roger Vs Jacaré

The final of the Open Class its gonna be a revenge for Jacaré. He faced and lost the brown Open Class dispute for Roger Gracie two years ago. Now, tomorrow both fighters will have a rematch. Roger defeated Alliance black belt Marcelo Garcia by points: 10x2. Not even Marcelinho's final move (choke attempt) was enough to stop Roger, who now just have Jacaré between him and the gold medal. Stay with us, because the on live coverage has not ended yet. Check out later tonight the full photo gallery, made specially for you! And don't forget: Grab your Gi at our Gi Festival! Only until tomorrow.

Open Class final: Ronaldo Jacaré in! - 20:20h

BJJ black belt Ronaldo Jacaré (Brasa) is gonna fight for the Open Class gold medal tomorrow. He defeated Alexandre Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) by referee's decision. The fight was damn disputed and ended tied (e advantages for each side). Jacaré got his last advantage point during the last 5 seconds when reached the half guard. Now, he needs to wait for the decision between Roger Gracie and Marcelo Garcia.Keep tuned! and check out our Gi Festival at TATAMEShop. Don't miss it!

Defined semifinals of Open Class - 20:10h

Fabrício Werdum Vs Ronaldo Jacaré and Roger Gracie Vs Marcelo Garcia. That are the four athletes running for the black belt Open Class at the IX BJJ Worlds. Jacaré submitted Erick Wanderlei, Werdum submitted Alexandre Ribeiro, Roger Gracie submitted Fernando Tererê and Garcia defeated bento Ribeiro by 15x0. Stay with us to know who is gonna fight the final match tomorrow!



And Guess who beat Garcia!!

Sweet! Just checking this before I go to a seminar by Leao Teixeira. Go Barra.

Try and find out how Felipe is doing!

he looks 2x the size of Garcia

Black belt weight classes fight later today, I think.

Roger is like 6'5" or so now.

Garcia looks around 5'5-6". Roger's a foot taller and around 40kg heavier (Garcia fights at 65, Roger, last I heard, was 102). No doubt about it, Garcia is awesome just being able to score on Roger. And take his back too! (Having rolled with Roger, I cannot even conceive of someone Garcia's size doing this.)

But- at the end of the way, a win is a win. :-)

If anyone can help me fill in the missing info on the brackets (developed using OTM and Tatame info) it would be appreciated.


Xande vs ????? by submission.

Fabio Pega Leve vs ???????

Lagarto fought Francisco Santos and finished him very easily with a triangle.

Werdun vs ????????

Jacare’s fight was Paulo Streikert and he won by submission-mounted triangle.

Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Roberto da Silva (Beto e Cia) by points

Erick Wanderley beat Edwardo Sandro on points

Alexandre de Souza (Gracie Barra) 4x2 Eduardo Telles (TT Jiu-Jitsu)

Denis Gomes vs ???????

Roger Gracie beat Roberto Agness Jr by figure four footlock

Terere beat Leonardo Ramos by getting his back and choking him out.

Fábio Nascimento (Lótus) defeated Eduardo Arrivabene by 7x0

Saulo beat Otavo de Almeda by crazy step over the head back submission

Bento Ribiero vs ???????

Marcelo Gracia beat Ablian (? Maybe) by getting his back and choking him out.


Xande beat Fabio Pega Leve by getting his back choking him out.

Werdun beats Lagarto 3x0

Jacare beat Rodrigo Pinheiro by only 3 advs.

Erick Wanderley vs ??????

Roger Gracie armbared Denis Gomes.

Terere beat Fabio Negao by points.

Saulo bowed out due to a dislocated shoulder with 15 seconds to go in his match with Bento Ribeiro.

Marcelo Garcia vs ?????


Xande took Werdun’s back and submitted him.

Jacaré submitted Erick Wanderlei,

Roger Gracie had Terere on his back choking him but managed to escape, mount and cross choke Terere.

Marcelo Garcia beats Bento Ribeiro 15 x 0


Xande had an all out war with Jacare that was the best fight of the day. It was all over the place and Xande had Jacare panting. The fight ended 3 advs to 3 advs and Jacare got the decision.

Roger beat Marcelo Garcia 10x2, but Marelo did sweep Roger and it was another great fight. Garcia is awesome he had Rogers back with two minutes to go.


3 t's

Huge photo gallery at OTM BTW: