Mundials DVD recommendations?

I know that pretty much every single BJJ world championship is worth getting. However, since each dvd costs about $99, is there any particular year, which stands out from the rest?

Every year the game evolves, guys get better and new techniques are seen/used. I always go with the most recent

2010 was a good one. Kavaca's footlocks. Roger dominated. Less 50/50 boringness than 2009.

2009 also very good. Had Marcelo competing. Roger dominated (finished all matches by chokes from mount). 50/50 position started appearing (not a positive IMO).

Thanks guys. Btw, didn't Marcelo compete in 2010 as well?

Haha oh yeah he did I forgot, I just remember 2009 because that was his first time back in a while.

Also I liked his 2009 match vs Tiago Alves.

2010 I probably the set to get now that I think about it.