Mundine Results.

Anthony Mundine T.K.O rd 3 Juarne Dowling
(rsf 2:19)

Garth Murray BEAT Lance Thompson (on points)

No Rules Bout:
Tony Bonello TKO 43 seconds (Submission:rear naked choke) Sacha Nachuski

Naoufel Ben Rabah T.K.O rd 3 Pongpetch Muangsurin

Daniel Dawson K.O rd 1 Bancha Phonklang

Nathan Briggs K.O rd 3 Roger Izonritei

Les Sherrington UD Tim Minnis

Who is sacha Nachuski?, i could'nt find anything on sherdog or google.

This is him:

And another interesting point, Bonello fought in a gi. (all I could hear in my head was Bas saying "he's wearing a gi")

Also, I think you have the Briggs result around the wrong way. Nathan lost by KO.


Hes had 4 fights for 3 wins off memory but also can't find anything in boxing sites either, maybe he's a kickboxer???

Had to laugh at the commentators comments on the fight after the no rules fight "this fight is more no rules than the no rules fight"

How did you guys into MMA think the fight showed MMA off to the general public?

Watched the fights at the local RSL and no one was impressed, one guy said "no rules more like no punches, no kicks and no nothing" Sorry Tony not my comments but others watching the fights!

Thought the whole card apart from the Heavies was shit matching and very easy to pick who was going to win

I only saw Mundines fight, got there to late after teaching class.

I must say that Mundine was looking very good. Moving really well and firing off some great punches. He also impressed me post fight. Well done.


I'm sure they put his record up as 4 fights 3 wins

Also 1st time i have really seen Tony and I thought he handle the post fight interview really well and spoke well.

Thats cool zviggy, you would think they would at least get his record right

"How did you guys into MMA think the fight showed MMA off to the general public?"

As long as they know nothing about MMA or BJJ then it will be absolutely great for the sport.

can someone tell me where Tony was training while on the Gold Coast in the lead up to this fight???


I think the question mark behind fight sums it all up.


What was your veiw of the fight and the opponent?

unclefu, I think I saw someone (Justin maybe ??) mention that Tony was training at the fightboi gym while he was on the coast.

Not 100% sure though...


From a knowledgeable MMA fan point of view , I thought it was a complete joke. I also cant really see how it was a good advertisment for MMA to the general public . It basically came across as a martial arts exhibititon match imo.

Interestingly the article in the Herald Sun (Melbourne newspaper) listed every result except for Bonello's .

I can say the RSL where i watched the fight Everyone seemed very interested in the No Rules Fight but once it was finished NO ONE was interested in it.

No wonder Justin couldn't release who the opponent was because i think alot of people on here wouldn't have bother watching it if they knew.

I have stopped watching Mundines fights ages ago because i go sick of watching him beat up club fighters, lighter guys and or old men. When he fights good opponents I watch. Only went last night to watch Bonello as this has been my 1st oppertunity to see him fight and he might have lots of skill like Mundine has but until he fights a top opponent i will not be watching him again.

What was their weigh in weights Justin?

Bonello must be very thin under that Gi because it didn't look like his opponent had a 30kgs advantage, but maybe TV does that.

His opponent was listed on XFC as being 93kg , so maybe Bonello as dropped down to 63kg ;)

I was going to say on TV he looked around mid 90's and Bonello seemed to have a fair bit of hight advantage and didn't look that small but maybe that was the Gi, but wouldn't have thought Bonello could have goten down to mid 60's

say it aint so!

"can someone tell me where Tony was training while on the Gold Coast in the lead up to this fight???"

At Fightboi Gym,......and I'm sure Sasha trains there too. Sasha's corner man had a Fightboi Gym shirt on too.??

  • Juggs

According to his bio on the XFC page he is indeed from Fightboi...


sniff sniff

smells fish

The Bonello fight was just appalling. What sort of wrestler has no base, keeps his hands in close, doesn't ride his opponent, throws no strikes, and has his back turned towards the mat so easily?

That fight did nothing for the credibility of MMA. It was just embarrasing to watch.