Mundine Spoiler

Mundine lost his fight and the title tonight in a split decission.

115-113, 113-114, 115-113 to Siaca!

Also Mundine got sat on his arse again this time in the 2nd round!

Very late night but have to also say there were some very good fights on the undercard.

Looks like Mundine might have to fight Green earlier than he wanted to.
Mundine might need Green more than Green needs Mundine now!

Again sorry to post a boxing thread but i also posted this on the boxing forum, just thought a few would be happy to hear the good news! :)

Agree hips, if Ottke is the former world champ with the least Ko's i think Mundine has to be the former champ who has been sat on his arse the most! ;)

Thats right, if old mate Sven can put the Mouth to sleep for 5 minutes than you'd have to say Green has a good chance of doing the same. Then again many said that about his fight with Echols. Hopefully the Mouth and the Green Machine will actually fight one day to prove/disprove all the talk.

His ankle was @#$%ed, i thought Mundine did really well all things considered.

He went down/over a few times each being in the corner. I thought it was a slip on the signage (often happens when wet in corners), BUT a zoom in by a cameraman showed what appeared to be a slight giving in the ankle.

All things considerred he copped a 10-8 and lost by 2 points so it was a close fight. Would have loved to see him win in dramatic fashion though.


Agree with Whale, Mundine moved and danced around the ring trying to keep away from Siaca. Hes ankle looked fine, i wish hes ankle was really sore, then he might have stood there and traded punches a few times instead of running backwards all fight!

Also right about Hamdan, looked terrible. Not sure why you would fight an awkward guy like that after fighting a awkward guy like Soliman and being shown up. For a guy with a 15 win 17 loss record he made Hamdan look very ordinary. Hes height and reach had Hamdan wondering what to do! And this guy is ranked in the top 10 :(

I think the tall fella was a late replacement for Nadar's match??


i disagree, i thought his ankle was really bothering him (i'm a physio student, the physiotherapist i watched the fight with agreed with me). A grade 2/3 sprain is a huge injury taking into a fight, the average person off the street could barely walk on that.

So how do you think he kept running and dancing backwards all fight? Wouldn't it have been easier to stand or lean on the ropes and fight more than keep on his bike for the whole 12 rounds?

He also hade very low cut boots, did it look to you as he even had the ankle straped? I couldn't see any tape above his boot line could you?

As for Hamdans opponent next time his managment has a fight lined up for him he needs to not ask what his opponents record is he needs to ask how tall his opponent is! ;)

The information they gave during the fight said he had a grade 2/3 ankle sprain. If someone walks into a physio clinic and is diagnosed with a grade 3 ankle sprain, then you call for the crutches (again, this was backed up by the physio i watched the fight with). If you've got a tape of the match watch it again, because his ankle was definately strapped. As for the dancing, if i was a betting man i'd throw a few bucks on him getting a couple of local's in that dodgey ankle to get him through! I thought the way he moved seemed to be mostly fwd's and backwards with few sharp sideways movt's on the dodgey ankle too, and he did collapse on it towards the end of the 10th (i think? about then). That was how i saw it anyway.


Your right Chris in that his ankle was strapped! Just saw him on the news and they showed his ankle and you could tell where the tape was on his ankle.

I have no doubt he had shots into the ankle but he did move left and right many times to avoid Siacas left hook.

I would have been wrapped to see Siaca sit Mundine on his arse once more early in the fight so everyone had the chance to see if Mundine can fight or not. He normally just gets ahead on the score cards with his quick jab and once he is ahead he holds on to his opponents anytime they get within distance to throw a shot. For a world champ or former world champ he spends alot of time sitting on his arse and this is from guys who have never held world titles or from guys who can't punch!

Anyway Mundines not making any excusses about his ankle so no one else really needs to. Remember Fenech fought fights with broken hands and Ali fought a fight with a broken jaw ect ect. Echols got shot before his fight!

Hopefully now Mundine needs a fight with Green and this might happen as I can see the other top fighters tying up the belts and fights with each other in the near future.

Manuel Siaca is barely world class at that,
Something I've read about Mundines opponent.

Manuel Siaca turned pro in 1997 at Super Middleweight. He won his first 7 bouts against poor competition before losing a decision to a 3-0 fighter.

He then rattled off two quick KOs over Shane Norford (5-6) and Francisco Mosquera (0-0) in the span of two months. Somehow, these wins vaulted the 9-1 Siaca to a shot at the WBA Fedelatin Super Middleweight Title, which he took from an 0-2 Carlos Robles.

Siaca then won 5 straigh bouts against fighters with a collective record of 48-51-1. This amazing feat earned him a shot at another the title, the WBA
Super Middleweight belt. Siaca blew this title shot, losing a UD to Bruno Girard by 6 points on one judges card and 3 on the other. Yet, despite the clear loss, the WBA appointed the still-winless-against-a-decent-opponent, 14-2 Siaca as the Byron Mitchell's opponent for the newly-vacated WBA title.

In 2001 Mitchell comes from behind to floor Siaca in the 9th and KO him in the 12th. The WBA, feeling they haven't been generous enough to Siaca, grants the Puerto Rican a THIRD shot at their title after Siaca KOs the 9-8 Luis Apellaniz. In the rematch with Mitchell, Siaca gets dropped in the first, drops Mitchell in the 12th, and loses a very close decision. Though break.

In his only fight of 2002, Siaca has one fight; a second-round KO of the 0-1 Jose Cruz Rivas.

In his only fight of 2003, Siaca gives Demetrius Jenkins his 12th loss in 34 fights.

Somehow, some way, these two meaningless wins earn the inactive Siaca, now 17-4, a shocking FOURTH shot at the WBA Super Middleweight Title!

Even more shockingly, Siaca drops and decisions Anthony Mundine for the belt! Just this day, May 5th, Siaca finally made good of his endless title shots and upset a good fighter!

And all it took was 4 WBA title shots in his past 7 fights.

The morals of the story: 1)The WBA looooooves Manuel Siaca for some reason ($$$?),

2)Siaca finally won a title and I'd like to see him become a respectable champ,

3)Anthony Mundine sucks.

Nader Hamden struggled to get a fight as no one could find a opponent for him.

I have heard that the promoters (Mundine) made him take a cut in pay so he could fight on the night,John "Digger" Wyborn was the only boxer who could or would step up.

I have also been told that the ankle injury was not as bad as Mundine made out but I haven't seen it for myself.

bennit, look at Mundine and Greens opponents they fought before they both got shots at titles and the line up isn't much better!

"I have no doubt he had shots into the ankle but he did move left and right many times to avoid Siacas left hook. "

I thought his sideways movt was more body movt than footwork based, thus putting less pressure on his ankle. i'm far from a boxing expert though :)

"Anyway Mundines not making any excusses about his ankle so no one else really needs to. Remember Fenech fought fights with broken hands and Ali fought a fight with a broken jaw ect ect. Echols got shot before his fight! "

Of course, your right. I'm not making excuses as such for him, but i think we all know how difficult it can be to fight when carrying a serious injury. I think he did well all things considered.



G'day Keats,

True,Green fought his fair share of duds but stepping up to do the work in the gym sparring the likes of Paul Briggs and Glen Kelly,etc. he has developed into a world class boxer who may give any 168lber a good fight on his day.

IMO Mundine has not done that and it shows.

When Mundine agreed to spar Paul Briggs he simply, did not turn up.


Thanks for that 727. I also read that and agree with Kieza write up of it.

Well i suppose its all upto Mundine now to show the world if he has a heart the size of a tic tac or not (Greens words not mine).

Must say when you market youreself as the best boxer in the world, best sportsman in the world, ect ect it seems guys like this have a very very long way to fall!