Mundine vs Chris Brown

Just letting everyone know there was an article on thursdays herald sun Page 62 about a promoter offering $500,000 to Mundine to face Chris Brown in NHB.

It's only a small article.

sorry if this has been posted before.

How much would Brown make in return for tearing Mundine to shreds?

Why should Mundine fight mma?
of course chris would win!! If Chris wants to show how tough he is he should box mundine.

BTW im not a mundine nuthugger i just hate seeing stupid shit like this.

500K just to show? Can the corner throw in the towel 5 seconds into the fight?

Any combat competition that is vale tudo or closest to holds a lot more weight with most people, especially on a MMA board.

Not much in it for Mundine...
maybe when he is 38 and has seen his best boxing days and needs another good size pay day, to help pay of back taxes.....until then, pretty much he is sitting pretty inside the spectrum of his own world and craft.


500K really is not a loot for mundine at this stage of his career. 5 mill and I'd beleive we'd have a taker.