Mundine vs Green predictions

I say Mundine fith round stopage due to a blistering right hand knockdown then an overwhelming flurrie and the ref stops it.Atleast that's what I hope, I'll lose my cash otherwise.
Anyone else?

I'm currently undecided between Green Round 7-9 stoppage and Mundine by decision.

Do the TAB in Queensland take bets on fights?

I honestly think Green will be defeated unless he can get Mundine early. Green hits hard but Mundine is one hell of an athlete.

Go Green!

Green by divine intervention.

yeh, i wouldnt be surprised if Mundine takes it, even though im going for Green. hmmm, but Green seems to have more experience, i dunno!

on a side note, did anybody see the interview with Mundine on the channel 9 late news last night, Jeff Harding popped his head in, man, he seems a wreck now, seemed real slow, quite sad.

Green by stoppage rnd 4. Anyone know of a good pub to watch this at? where is everyone heading?

mundine via decision

hocus - i'll be at the paddo tavern after training with everyone

Mundine will knock this cat out.Its paying $3.90 get on it.

No way in the world Mundine wins by KO.

Green by KO or TKO, late rounds.


I like both but im goin with Green, altought its goin to be very hard for him to win.

Mundine by Decision, he's too fast.

Cheers Clay

Green by KO.

Would love to see Danny Green win, but unfortunately cannot see it happening, hope it goes all the rounds, the longer the better chance Danny has.

I hope I'm wrong but Mundine by TKO. I think he's just too fast.

If this fight happened when they were 1st talking about it I think Green would have won easily.

I think Mundine will win on points, it will be a very boring fight with mundine hitting and running backwards all night. Green is likely to also get frustrated and do something silly aswell to lose a point or 2.

So I pick Mundine to win on points in a very boring fight but I hope i'm wrong...

Mundine will outbox him,too fast too many angles and then possible stop him late in the fight and set up an awesome rematch with kessler!!!!

I predict that no matter who wins, Mundine will continue to act like a cocksucker. my$0.02

Mundine by stoppage, probably rounds 8-10. I'm putting $50 on it.

Mundine by Green standing in the way.

Green causes upset but is ultimately out-classed by ability.