Murcielago Vs EVO FQ400 road cours

It's an old vid, in case anyone hasn't seen it is. Pretty cool video IMO.

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Here's some background info on both cars.


Murcielago info

Why would you want to spend 90k for an Evo?!? You could have SRT-4 modded to over 400hp for less than a third of that.

If you are gonna spend that kind of cash, you want an engine that will last longer than 2 weeks.

" Why would you want to spend 90k for an Evo?!? You could have SRT-4 modded to over 400hp for less than a third of that.

If you are gonna spend that kind of cash, you want an engine that will last longer than 2 weeks. "

Because the SRT-4 handles like shit compared to the EVO. Also, someone who pays 90k for that EVO would probably be the same type of person who would spend 160k on a different car. Who knows a car enthusiast. Regardless, the car is going to be produced, so taht means there is some sort of demand for them.

Another note, reaching 400 hp in the EVO isn't that hard. I'm almost there and I've spent about 1k in mods. Which would pretty much destroy any SRT-4 in a straight line and on a road course. Im only about 25 Hp away from 400 on race gas, and i guarantee my engine will last longer than 2 weeks. Theres plenty of evo's over the 400 hp mark and have lasted thousands of miles.

LOL that comparison to the SRT-4 really cracks me up.


Basically the murcielago and the evo went and raced on a road course, and the guy driving the evo was right there with the lamborghini, and eventually the lamborghini spun out trying to get away.

LOL@just buy an sr4t. Sure bud, they handle great sigh

I saw the stats on the MR in a car and driver a few months back and that car is nothing short of amazing.

It's a pretty amazing video. The guy driving is controlling the sttering wheel with ONE FINGER and doing controlled power slides all over the place. it's a beautiful thing.

What I am saying is that for 90k, I would rather get something that will last, like a 911 or something. Buying a $90k Evo is really no better than buying a $60k srt-4. I guess nobody really looked at the EVO's price, huh? Let me repeat, $90,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Because the SRT-4 handles like shit compared to the EVO"

you can easily improve the SRT's handling ...especially with left-over money that you'd have. SRT's seem to be holding their own in SCCA.

A motherflippin MEN

Corner exit speed, thats all i have to say.

get an srt-4 with 400 hp and an evo with 400 hp and see who isnt understeering like hell with smoking inner tire craziness coming out of a tight corner.

Yes yes, ive heard that with stage 3 coilovers that the SRT will handle like an EVO. I hear this all the time from srt owners that have never driven an EVO. The age old excuse, well if i had the moeny leftover then id be able to do this and that and this and that. Well i got my evo for 25k out the door, and this was with no downpayment. So you beter choose your mods wisely, cause 3-4k isnt gonna really cut it. Srt handles great for a FWD, but in all seriousness, fwd is just pure poop when it comes to road course navigation. Atl east compared to RWD and AWD.

never claimed they would out-handle an EVO (or anything else for that matter), just simply that you can make them handle quite well.

FWD cars with more than 300hp is useless as soon as you hit a turn. Sure, it's great for straight line performance but the understeer on a track would be noticeable imo. Don't get me wrong, I think the sr4t's are a great bang for the buck and they must be fun as hell to drive but they can't match the handling of awd or rwd.

I should have said considering it's a 25,000 dollar car etc etc. rwd will always be better on a track. no doubt about it but the sr4t is a great bang for the buck straight line performer. Really, for the price not much compares.

LOL! I'm with whitey, FWD sucks hairy dognuts. I'm used to driving my shitbox 87 325 but at least its RWD. I experienced scary ass understeer in my GF's protege wagon on a very tight corner up in the mountains here. Gimme a rear end swinging out any day.

For a track I'd have to agree but a lot of people live in areas that are covered in snow for half the year. RWD is not really that great in these cases...especially for old people, women and new drivers.

Don't get me wrong, on a track RWD rules but not everyone races.

I live in tahoe, mucho snowfall. Did just fine. But FWD does make it easier to get around.

Yes but you are obviously a more skilled driver than your average little old lady and young teenage girl that can barely pass a big rig on the highway without white knuckles.

Yeah, but those types of drivers shouldn't even be on the road in the snow anyway. ;)

Personally I think they should issue subaru wagons to all teenagers and old ass ladies.