Murdered Uvalde Teacher Called Cop Husband During Massacre, He Tried to Help

Well it worked because we are getting anti 2nd amendment legislation that will pass because of this!


I know, my man. It’s fucked up. Get right with the lord or whoever you need to because this isn’t going to get better. Entropy doesn’t go in reverse.

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Instead of letting Jimmy bait you, can you bring some more info on this detained cop? Any after thoughts or interviews he shared?

Hey guys,

Fed here. You’re right, this one was all us. We caused this whole thing!! And then stopped anyone from doing anything about it. We just laughed and laughed while they tried. We had them looking for keys for like an hour lol

Anyhow, we want your guns and now we’re going to come take them all. See you soon!


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Well, there we go, if this isn’t proof I don’t know what is

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Bring back the firing squad


From what ive read, the person who should have been in charge (head of the school police) didnt realize he was in charge and kept the police in stand by. Was he scared to send them in, or maybe just was waiting for someone else to make the call it isnt clear

One mom for sure, and AFTER shed been detained. As soon as they let her go she went back.


Yup. Ended up retrieving both of her kids and one of the kids friends.

Then the cops told her to stfu and not share the story or theyd violate her probation. She told the judge, judge said fuck that yourr a hero i wouldnt do that, then she spoke out and shared story.

Pretty wild. But nothing to see here.


This has been fucking bullshit since the news broke.
Every week a new revelation, and all of a sudden we get new gun laws.
Arredando the school police chief looks like a central casting crooked villainous cop.


Right? They could have helped him kill the guy. What are they really gonna be able to do to that group of hero’s?

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Will we see a Uvalde cop commit suicide like we saw the cops who “suicided themselves” from the trauma of the insurrection?