Murdering Children....


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OREGON CITY, Ore. (Aug. 25) - FBI agents searching a man's property Sunday in the disappearance of two teenage neighbors identified a body found in his shed as one of the girls and found a second set of remains.

The second body was found in a barrel beneath a cement slab Ward Weaver, 39, poured behind the home after the disappearance of neighbors Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond this past winter, said Oregon City Police Chief Gordon Huiras.

No charges had been filed in the case, said Charles Mathews, the FBI's special agent in charge in Oregon.

Huiras also said Weaver is a suspect in the case. It's the first time Weaver - who has denied involvement in the girls' disappearances - has been identified as a suspect by any law enforcement official.

``Obviously, this is a very sad conclusion to this investigation,'' Mathews said. ``On the other hand, I think the case has been resolved.''

Weaver weeks ago said he was a suspect in the FBI investigation, and investigators have been searching the grounds of his rented home for the past two days.

They discovered remains of one human body stashed in a shed behind the house, but did not immediately identify them Saturday.

Agents used shovels and a pickaxe on Sunday to dig several shallow holes about 50 feet away from the shed after specialists went over the property with a thermal-imaging device.

Weaver has been jailed since Aug. 13 when he was charged with raping his 19-year-old son's girlfriend. His distraught son told emergency dispatchers that his father had killed Ashley and Miranda.

Weaver said Ashley was a friend of his daughter who frequently stayed overnight at their house. He said she had even lived at the home for several months last year while her own father was in jail on charges of abusing her.

Weaver, whose own father is on death row in California for killing a woman and burying her body in his yard, told reporters several months ago that the FBI considered him a suspect. The previous summer, Ashley had accused him of molesting her, but he denied the allegations and was never charged.

Weaver told The Associated Press in an interview last month that he treated Ashley as a daughter when she visited. He said he often asked Ashley to change from her halter tops and mini skirts into something more appropriate while at his house.

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What is real self-defense? What is the essence of the PERSONAL DEFENSE READINESS program?

Ill answer later, I'm going to do a kata and flick high kicks for 10 years or so.

Sad planet.

Pardon my sarcasm, I have 3 kids.


This is a travesty. It was a train wreck waiting to happen. This family had generations, w/o exception of abuse and murder. This type of family and its action were so predictable. In my opinion, the PDR program is about us taking personal responsibility for our own safety. Counting on the government for our personal protection today is ludicrous. The resources are not available and the system does not allow for them to ever be there. Its comparable to government subsidized welfare, that does not pay the bills for those who are on it and also does not treat the disease that causes it. Our society has been lulled into a "safety welfare" of sorts, and just like any welfare system it is repeatable generation after generation. The same apathy is passed down the generations. Why? Because the children watch what their parents do, they learn to think like their parents think. We have convinced ourselves that we are safe because there are laws and consequences to actions that keep us safe. If you think about the system in our country, it is designed to punish after the crime. For me, that's too late. That's a load of crap, the 97/3 rule applies here. 97 percent of the population will adhere, 3 percent will not. There is a 3% er living in Oregon, his choices as a sociopath and psychopath were devastating. THERE IS A 3%er LIVING NEAR YOU TOO. You dont know where he/she is yet....He doesn't care about laws or consequences. Presumed compliance does not only apply to LE, it is more evident in the civilian world ! We have compromised our reactionary gap in our every day lives. Society is a bunch of Stepford Wives walking around counting on a system that will never work. It all starts at home! Coach, you said the other day that "Homeland Security starts at home" how true is that? We could drastically reduce these situations in our society if todays generation would take personal responsibility for learning the 3D's, BYOB, etc... Imagine if dinner table conversations revolved around the uncommon common sense of self defense. What if our schools taught it as part of its curriculum, lets see, how about we teach this in phys ed / gym class instead of dodgeball or some other retarded, useless activity. Just one generation can change the safety of this world, think about it.
Yeah, this is a rant...I have a 10 month old son, Matthew and everytime I see this violation of a child and their lives and the familys lives, I want to do something. It is each of our responsibility as teachers to take the PDR program to "the street".

Joe Mullings

I think "sad planet" is an understatement when I read things like this. I, personally believe, that real self-defense and the essence of the PDR program is to enlighten others with the tools, tactics and training that Coach Blauer is so willing to offer. I think the true responsibly in learning is to teach the information and make sure that people understand "free will" - the ability to empower themselves, to live by concepts as powerful as the three golden rules. There are times in life when, admittedly, I have a hard time doing that for myself, that's when I accept it, get challenged and never stop thinking.

Mitch Joel

The wise man in the storm prays not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear. It is the storm within that endangers him, not the storm without.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"...We could drastically reduce these situations in our society if todays generation would take personal responsibility for learning the 3D's, BYOB, etc......"

"...What if our schools taught it as part of its curriculum..."

I would love this could be true someday. But I realized that one of the main reason people donĀ“t take courses of SD, is because THEY DONT BELIEVE IN SELF DEFENSE. They do not believe that it could save their lifes someday. They do not believe there is a way to defend against an armed attacker. And one of the main responsables for this are MARTIAL ARTS. When the general public see an advertisement on a newspaper about Real SD classes, the inmediatly link it to MARTIAL ARTS (kimonos, belts, dojos, gyms, acrobacy, people who just want to beat eachother, etc).

It is not just a matter if a person is worry about his/her safety or not, to decide to learn SD. My mother is really scared because the terrible things that are happening in my country, and in my neighbourhood. Last weekend, there were five kidnaps in my neigthbourhood!
She knows I teach real SD, but she wont never ask me to teach her, mainly because she links it to MARTIAL ARTS (she was the one who sent me to TKD classes when I was a kid, and bought me my first Kimono).

And it is neccesary to spend a lot of money in marketing to change people beliefs and when you are trying this, there is always a lot of SIFUS and SENSEIS that attacks you because you are attacking traditions and attacking the great great great master. Oh! and that is not acceptable. So they make a big marketing campaign about his/her martial arts, calling it Real Self Defense in all their advertising.

Last days, I was really thinking that maybe one of the clues to solve this is to stop calling "self defense" at what we teach and begin calling it another way, just to differentiate.

Just the thoughts that I had inside. I am really trying to help people and I found more barriers than I thought.


No matter how many law enforcement officers and security groups you put into the system, there will always be the predator waiting in the shadows devising a long thought out plan to attack you at your weakest moment. The essense of Personal Defense Readiness lies within each and everyone of us.

We cannot "depend" on the protectors of society to be our saviours on judgement day. It is a ridiculous premise to believe in.

I have no children yet, but I have two nephews who are aged 8 and 10. My sister used to get on my case anytime I had them train with me. She figured that violence is not something that should be taught to young kids.

These are the types of belief systems that have been passed down from generation to generation, as Joe pointed out in his post. A significant portion of our society, especially in the western hemisphere, does not spend an ounce of time on developing skills to perserve the continuation of their lives and that of their families.

Most people have no problem spending 100-150 dollars on a pair of cross trainers or a clothing item, but would never think of dishing out the same for a weekend seminar on personal protection.

That is where people get trapped in the cost of something rather than looking at its value.

I have personally been involved in an attack where it would have cost me life if I had not trained with someone like Mr. Blauer. There are lots of cops and civilians who can say the same thing. Now if I had not done my homework in seeking a "street effective" system, I would not be enjoying my life as I do today, and I would not have gotten married.

The predators in our society TRAIN for their arena. They devise plans of attack, have a timeline in place and the plot has been scripted out. They have strategies, and focus on their desired end result. Funny how many still do not train!!! It makes me angry, but in the end I can only do my best to provide as much education to my community, in hopes that the few out there that GET IT will be there three dimensionally on judgement day. Some of us may not see that day ever....but again the costs are too high to ignore such possibilites.

I encourage all to got Mr. Blauer's website and read the article on the "Economics of Violence"!!!

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team

This is truly a sad event, but how many people have you heard the last few days say "oh my God, I can't believe it happened!" This type of story happens excessively often and the majority of people sit back in denial not believing it! I agree with Joe, Robb, and Mitch 100%, the PDR Team has a responsibility to share Coach Blauer's insight into real self-defense with as many people as possible. I shutter to think how many people are right now discussing what "techniques" the girls could have used on this predator.

For me it all starts with accepting reality (awareness) and personal responsibility for your own safety and the safety of those you love. Take care of that, and then reach out to friends, coworkers, and the public. Robb I agree: some will listen, some will be in denial, but I must find a way to educate them!

Joe you're right:

"We could drastically reduce these situations in our society if todays generation would take personal responsibility for learning the 3D's, BYOB, etc... Imagine if dinner table conversations revolved around the uncommon common sense of self defense. What if our schools taught it as part of its curriculum, lets see, how about we teach this in phys ed / gym class instead of dodgeball or some other retarded, useless activity. Just one generation can change the safety of this world, think about it."

Joe and the rest of the PDR Team, we are the catalysts to get it done! I have two boys at home, 9yrs. and 11yrs. old. I know they are safer because of Tony Blauer. . . now I need to make sure all the children I know are safer.

With Safety In Mind,
Rob Gebhart

Personal rant coming... forgive me...

I read about this online 2 days ago and was up until 1 am with this on my mind. It stirred up some very deep feelings - anger, indignation, frustration, sadness. My very human thoughts turned to those girls last moments of life and wondered what they experienced. Then I really got mad...

I realize, of course, that this is the human condition - this is real life. Without violence, there would be no place or need for this forum and Tony's work. But, the fact remains that sociopaths remain! The deeper I move into the BTS mindset, the greater my indignation grows at these stories. Every time I hear of another murdered child, every story of an LEO killed, every student I meet who's been raped, attacked, beaten or mugged - they all trigger a deeper need to teach, to inspire and to train.

For those on the PDR Team - let these stories harden your resolve. The world is a dangerous place - let's continue helping people make it more dangerous for the bad guys.


"The world is a dangerous place - let's continue
helping people make it more dangerous for the
bad guys. "



Anybody heard the story about the three guys broke into a guys house, beat him up and snatched his son, drove away in a white SUV?

Some say we have always had this kind of thing going on, and it is only the media that makes it more well known. I think yes and no. We have always had it, but these guys are hearing about all the other stories, getting worked up, and then going out to satisfy their urges getting more and more brazen.

Just read some more - Riverside California. From the sound of things, there appears to be more to it than meets the eye...doesn't sound like a pedo-lust murderer type abduction.

irrespective of the circumstances regarding the
above are very right about the
'brazen' element...the criminals are far more
dangerous these days becuase the lawlessness
and contagious violence is revealing itself in
younger & younger genrations...

Bugs Bunny was violence in my era, things really
got wild on Johnny Quest!! NOw my son (10) plays
Max Payne & DTR for entertainment.

Streetfight?? when I was in high school (I'm 42
now) if you kicked someone in the balls in a fight
you were a psycho, then that became OK, then it
was gangs, then knives, then if you
dont 'keep up with the jones' - youre a pussy...


For interesting studies on the ones we train for: everything from terrorists of all types to serial killers and mass murderers.