Murilo Bustamante at MARS: 8 man tournament 1996

 In November, 1996 Bustamante entered the Martial Arts Reality Superfighting, 8 man tournament. (open weight)

Other tournament participants included: Willie Peeters, Chris Haseman, Juan Mott and Tom Erikson 

Murilo Bustamante vs Chris Haseman - Martial Arts Reality Superfighting  (11/22/96)  Quarter 

Murilo Bustamante vs Juan Mott - Martial Arts Reality Superfighting  (11/22/96)  Semi  

Murilo Bustamante vs Tom Erikson - Martial Arts Reality Superfighting  (11/22/96)   Final 


i remember that fight, busta wants to fight on the ground and erickson doesn't so the fight wasn't that good.

good show

Subd Phone Post


Tom Erikson vs Aleksander Khramstovskly

Murilo Bustamante vs Chris Haseman

Willie Peeters vs Serge Narsisyan

Juan Mott vs Yasunori Matsumoto


Mario Sperry vs Andrey Dudko

Carlos Barreto vs Alexander Rafalski

Renzo Gracie vs Oleg Taktarov

Renzo v Oleg was the upkick heard round the world. Phone Post

 i have that on vhs

Do you have the other fights that night?

for later


 Busta did an amazing job of controlling the Big Cat's hips in that fight.

Remember watching this live on PPV, back in the day...

watches Murilo's NASTY elbows to the back of Haseman's neck and spine and cringes anew

Still want to see the Rising Stars tourney that was held the day before this.

 Awesome night!

Cryptic - Do you have the other fights that night?

  Have a few others, but only have the whole event on vhs

I was at that fight. It was a great card.