Murilo Bustamante Interview

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It's a little dated as we spoke with him several weeks ago. Got a chance to get a very brief interview with him while he was here for a seminar. Check it out below. Hopefully he does get into the Pride MW GP, I know he's getting a little older, but he's still got some fight in him left.

True.  I just hope he gets another shot somewhere because this guy's a great fighter and needs to redeem himself a little bit.


It wasn't very long ago that Bustamante was thought by many to be the best in the world at 185, now you hardly hear of him. I was impressed with his double win in one night against Lindland, I'd like to see him get back on track.


One of my favorite fighter quotes came from Vitor Belfort when he said "No one is the best." I think that summed it up perfectly. At the highest levels of MMA almost every fighter is a threat to take the belt from its current holder. Fedor seems like he's proving that wrong but every great fighter was undefeated at one time. Just as he figured out how to counter Nog's game, somebody will figure his out, it's just a matter of time.

Right, I believe everybody is beatable, especially after people have been able to see you fight several times. However, I have no problem with calling a fighter the best at that given moment.