Murilo Bustamante Vs The World

Ok maybe not the world. But I got into MMA kinda later (2008). So I just missed Pride. I also missed Murilo Bustamante’s career, Im thankful for @LytesOutPodcast for all they do in sharing the history of MMA. Recently they had Bustamante on (great Episode BTW) and as a “BJJ” guy I figured I really should go back and watch some fights from his career. The guy was a wizard on the ground and really his MMA guard looked AMAZING and what every BJJ/MMA fighter should aspire to be.



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The first fight I watched was Bustamante vs Chris Haseman.

Bustamante made quick work for the bigger Haseman and those Elbows were BRUTAL.

I ended up watching Busta vs Mott. As short as the fight was, they had some fun grappling exchanges.

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I know the Tom Erikson fight was next, but I didn’t have the 40 minutes at the time to watch the fight (but I will get to it). Attempting to keep things in order, I watched the Jerry Bohlander and Yoji Anjo fights. Awesome display of grappling:

What a great ending to the Bohlander fight:

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Next I watched Murilo Vs Chuck.

Im sorry but maybe Im being biased, did anyone score this insanely close fight infavor of Bustamante?

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i thought he won or even a draw be ok.Murillo was a great BJJ fighter and class act.One of the best pound for pound and one of my all time favorites


They use to post his picture on here photoshopped like he was a green Frankenstein.

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To be continued…

A lot of those older guys were far better at MMA BJJ than people want to admit today.


I assume the style your taught from the beginner helps.

People tend to shit on the fight with Erickson claiming that it was boring

You had a guy in Erickson that was a freak athlete and a few months of BJJ defense

They were stuck in Bustamonte corner for the majority of the fight

Erickson is on top doing high end math equations while Bustamonte was getting instruction from Carlson Gracie and Mario Sperry

It’s incredible

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Definitely, and unfortunately the current meta for BJJ in MMA is quite lamentable.


Let’s not forget that the people on training are much softer than those back in the 90s

The entire of style also changed

It went from self defense and really becoming a complete fighter against intense opposition


Cheat code gaming where you put yourself in positions that you could never do in the streets in order to advance

The entire mindset for competition has changed

I was the point person for the ADCC open in Chicago

  • I am in Orlando as well

There are children that are in high school and one young woman that was 11 years old that won the adult advanced divisions

The savagery that is right around the corner is pretty shocking

Also true.

What are your thoughts on this and the current direction of BJJ? Do you look at it as a support at this point and a path for people to make a career and money out of or do you think it’s an abomination from what it was originally intended for? As a sidenote, do you find that a lot of these sports guys (hobbiests) think they’re bad ass when they’re not?

The Rampage fight was interesting. Again, I thought Bustamante did great standing, he did eat a couple of shots, some great knees by Rampage and got tore up with leg kicks. I wonder if him consistently pulling guard is what hurt him in the eyes of the judges? For as much of a beast as I know Rampage is, I wasn’t impressed with him in this fight.

Is watching the Hendo-headbutt worth it?

1 Busta took the Rampage fight on a weeks notice and was visibly gassed

2 Jiu Jitsu
I really enjoyed watching the ADCC open here in Chicago

  • with that said I am on the same page as Dan Lambert

Within the sport of MMA DL believes that BJJ is limited to a few submissions

  • in our interview he had said, subtract Guillotine and Armbar’s. You see VERY little Jiu Jitsu in the UFC.

ATT has 3 TKD instructors to teach angles and footwork
ATT has 1 primary BJJ instructor

  • that is out of Dan’s mouth
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As for rye Hendo fight…

Watching that when it happens had my hands over my eyes

Those were my two favorite growing up