Murilo Bustamante Vs The World

While your question wasn’t directed at me, I’m gonna toss my answer in to the ring. LOL I hope you’ll forgive me.

I think the direction sport BJJ has taken is a travesty. In the old days, almost all the top guys in sport BJJ either also fought vale tudo/MMA, or trained hard with guys who did. Nowadays guys perform BJJ in a bubble, BJJ against BJJ without any real consideration for actual fighting. It’s like mastering dunking or free throws but never actually playing a full game of basketball.

A lot of sport guys could beat regular dudes off the street. A lot of them probably couldn’t, especially if striking was involved. Just depends on the individual guy and his approach to the game.

I think a lot of that has to do with the current MMA meta. Everyone thinks a particular approach is the way it’s supposed to be done now, so that’s how all the gyms train, regardless of effectiveness. People hear BJJ and think Miyao brothers when they should be thinking Khabib.

Dear God, no wonder MMA footwork is awful.

I skipped Hendo/Busta 1. I couldn’t find Sakurai fight so I watched the Suda fight. Great spinning back fist by Suda and great guard play by Busta. I feel like my armbar from guard is so sloppy when I watch someone like Murilo pull it off.

Think about this

Swede David Bilkheden moves to Brazil to train with Busta

Became the first non Brazilian to get his BB from them

He said that the violence outside of his apartment was incredible

  • he lives just outside the favela

Yup. Now its a bunch of cry babies on reddit complaining that someone “went too hard”.

I didn’t realize Bustamante fought Minowaman. Those soccer kicks were brutal!

Next up is the Hendo/Bustamante 2 fight and Im assuming pretty much the end of this thread. Any other fights I should watch? Especially grappling heavy as the art as gone so far away from what Bustamante used to do.

Busta run in the ufc was one of my favorites!!

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