Murilo Rua vs. Tom Watson at BAMMA 6 Photoshoot

Uploaded the photos to

posted the video from the press conference as well

sweet ass bro 


 The Garv gunna love this lol.

Who are those two assholes photobombing the MMA Mail logo?? Get those guys out of the picture so it doesn't break up the text....amateurs

When is this fight happening?

nice MMA male banner dude Phone Post

Son of Scott Ferrozzo - When is this fight happening?

This Saturday.

Added photos from todays weigh-ins, with Shogun in attendance.


 You can watch the live stream at BAMMA.TV

16 Fights live

I think the Stream will start around 9 AM PST

7 Time BJJ World Champ Leo Santos is on the card!

good fights so far

John Phillips FTW Phone Post

Anyone watching? Phone Post

finished ;)

hog watcher in that 2nd pic??