Murray out!! Bring back The Crow!!

Bring back The crow David Loiseau, he just won by 13 sec KO over Chris Fontaine last night.

UFC Wake up!!!

This was taken off of where lee murray friend Dexter Casey post and this is what he post when asked if lee murray is out.

"spoke to him twice today and he didn't mention it.
He also didn't mention it on Friday night after a fing hard Thai boxing session.
In fact quite the opposite he is looking forward to smashing this Thaiboxer Stout up"

"He doesn't have an injury.
He trained friday night and he was fine. "

What's wrong with Prangley? I enjoy seeing new talent.

I think the UFC is the best in new talent scouting.

It's just too bad that they create a name for these people and then they return the favor by running off to Japan.

I`ll TTT that!

Nah! Bring back Horn

I have no desire to see the Crow back in the UFC...EVER

Why not? Both his fights have been exciting and competitive.

Where the fuck is Jeremy Horn you stupid Zuffa fuckheads!

GGGRRRR, so mad.

Yea it makes no sense to bring back Loiseau but not Horn.

I get to see Sims, and Kyle and fuckin Baroni, but not the overflowing talents of Jeremy Horn... There's something REAL fucking wrong with that!!!!

I'll pay to see The Crow fight again.

I would like to see crow fight again and also Horn int he ufc.

if murray is indeed out...which i hope is not the case...i think Prangley deserves his shot.

I don't know if he's really out, i read that in MMA RING REPORT.

I`ll believe he fights when I see him in the ring. Looks like he may be growing some feathers on those bird legs.