murray/tito - UFC 46 after party

if Tito is at UFC46 and attends the after party do you think Tito will be looking for Murray and shut his mouth for good?

ok, do you think Murray will be talking shit to Tito???

I'm hearing that all is cool, and there is no friction between these two. And if Murray is all they say he is, then eventually he will meet Tito in the octagon and have his chance..............

Like I stated on another thread....the only fights that will be happening will be in the Octagon.

well murray is much to small to be fighting Tito in the octagon. no way tito can cut to his weight

They won't fight. They know they'll be under a microscope.

I'm tired of these dipshits saying that Murray is too small to fight Ortiz. The guy is 6'3" and cuts to make 185. He could easily put weight on and go to 205.

DowntownMB, you are a dumb sack of shit. He fights at 185 for a reason, and I'm sure it's not cause they get paid more in the lower weight classes. lol

If saucylv33 was able to keep Big Tim and Big Wes restrained....I'm guessing she can keep Tito and Murray apart :)

This has probably been asked a million times, but was Murray actually the one talking trash? I thought that it was people like Skelboy spreading rumors.

But...what if Lee brings the Woolwich Massive...and Tito brings the Huntington Beach Massive...what will happen then?

titos crew would take out murrays crew. (tito, rampage, ricco, tiki, mark laimon) thats a tough crew

Tito better leave Murray alone outside of the ring. lol

With Tito's chin, he better leave him alone all together.

lol at excaliber23.

SolitaryZen is very correct.

Tito will have to go to the hospital to see Lee after the event is over.

Willie Duit is correct for once. Unlike when he says Belfort will lose.

this place kills me

Lee isn't even close to Riveras level.

Fuck the street, they are professionals... a grudge match in the octagon w/out getting arrested is the ticket to which Tito would end Murrary fast garunteed..that being said I think Lee is a very good fighter and am looking foward to his UFC debut