Murray vs Doerksen @ UFC 48?!

What are the chances of the UFC signing Joe Doerksen to fight Lee Murray at UFC 48 Payback? It fits with the theme of the show Payback as Doerksen gave Murray his only MMA loss. Joe Doerksen defitely deserves to be there. The only reason why I don't see this fight happen is because it is a very risky fight if they are trying to build up Lee. What do you guys think?

Peter P

not too good

a) UFC seems to be anti-Doerksen

b) Doerksen is fighting Chris Leben in Mid May which I believe is within 30 days of UFC 48.

Where is Doerksen fighting Leben?

IT would be great to see Joe KO or Sub Murray for a second loss butI doubt that it will happen. They are trying to hype Murray right now and so this fight would be a bit too dangerous for Murray. Joe did look great last night at Superbrawl though. He fought up a weight class and owned Fukuda for the majority decision. Nice work Joe.

UFC is not gonna want to see Murray get beaten already.