Musclar Woman's Rant

Read it here:

Hat tip to Krista Scott-Dixon for mentioning it in her blog:

Eh, she complains about some types of attention she gets, and later on admits she likes other types of attention, and does certain things like pick out her clothes in order to draw notice to her physical attributes.

Learning to successfully dealing with annoying people is a valuable life lesson.

Someone tell what BH is? From the link: "By the way, nothing wrong with a nice BH of something decent"

"But, just like the girl with the c-cup rack, I like to show off my best assets."

lol, average old c-cup? Don't see why she didn't reference DD-cups.

Other than that, yeah, if you show off your muscles by wearing a tank top, I would think many of those questions she frequently gets would be perfectly normal conversation-starters that one should expect. Sometimes I wish I had the physique to get some of those questions :). But I suppose that's the reason she made the list as a FAQ, and not as a list of complaints about stupid questions.

Here's my rant submission on the same cite:

Ravenman, are you in the seattle area? Me too.

Granted, she is looking for attention, but still, I don't think it's permissable to go up to a muscular girl and ask what gender she was born. That's a really, really nasty thing to say to someone. Also, going up toa complete stranger and groping is pretty inappropriate too. IMO.

Agreed. On the other hand, how can you get mad if someone asks if you've competed in a bodybuilding contest, or if you've considered doing Hollywood stunt work.

I'm sort of near Seattle, but read the link and you'll see why I really posted it ;)

I agree that she was a little over-sensitive about some of the things.

I know why you posted it: Irony, right?


Hey Dev,

if I were you I would look for this girl and find a way to become her friend. I like her attitude...So far.


P.S. Hope you are well.

"if I were you I would look for this girl and find a way to become her friend. I like her attitude...So far."

Meh...sounds like a lot of work...

I've got a crush on her. But she writes some things as if they've already happened... and I never met this girl! Honest!