MUSCLEPHARM In Hot Water After Featuring Carwin

 My God this Fraud

 They could have used my image.  I wouldn't even have minded.

bismanfightclub - ^they probably didn't go with that cause the demand would far exceed the supply and cause riots in the streets.

This makes the most sense.


 shane may soon own a supplement company

Give Carwin his bread!



I tend to believe MUSCLEPHARM here. it makes more sense.

story97 - I tend to believe MUSCLEPHARM here. it makes more sense.

What they are saying does make sense.

 “Jason Genet came in late to the party. This was a deal we already had done with Shane and Trevor (Wittman) and his management at the time, before Jason came in. We have documentation to back all of this up, including a check to Shane. He signed with us before UFC 96, and this was part of that deal.”

They may not have anything with him moving forward, but this sounds like something that was already in place before the new agent came into the picture. Time will tell.

Shane is a good guy, I hope this doenst turn into something like Shane/his managment gets a rep for being hard to deal with and he loses opportunity because of it

hope they settle it civilized

regardless of the legal issues... shane doesn't even use musclepharm products. the commercial presents shane as having used their products to become bigger, stronger, and faster, yet he doesn't use their products. more marketing lies. Therefore since they lied to me off the bat, I will never buy a Musclepharm product.

I wish someone would actually do scientific studies of 'supplements' and shut all of these companies down that sell people (myself included) baby formula and rice flour disguised as steroid alternatives.


  “ We had Shane’s permission to use him in the ad, and he knew what it was for when we were filming it.”

Story no miscommunications here. They did not sign Shane to a contract. We were presented a contract and turned it down. They press released the signed Shane Exclusively, they put that on their website too. They then released a national commercial campaign without ever compensating Shane, without having Shane's approval to use his name and likeness, and finally without the UFC's approval to use their name and likeness.

If you were selling product X and you wanted a specific athlete to be your spokes person. Would you not try to at least have that athlete on board before you launched a national ad campaign featuring him in an ad that claims to be "athlete approved"? Would you put a press release out that cross the national media wire via Reuters saying you signed said athlete when in fact you had not?

When we began MP presented itself through Shane's trusted friend and trainer. They were going to be working with the team and Shane is a team player. He was very clear about not wanting to use the product and his EXISTING relationship with Max Muscle. Shane was clear that he is a Max Muscle user and BSN and he does not care for the MP products. He was presented a deal that aside from having ridiculous monetary issues Shane was put off by the clause that they wanted him to "exclusively" use MP products. Based on Brad's way of dealing with us and the ever-changing story we opted to NOT counter the offer and took a PASS on Muscle Pharms offer. This was months before they ran any commercials.

I have emails, voicemails, and witnesses that will back up my story and a National ad campaign that proves the intent.

Isn't the bottom line here is that Brad and MP never signed Shane to a deal. He has admitted to such in voicemails and emails. He has however signed Rashad Evans. I love my client to death but he is no Rashad (TUF Winner, guy who beat Chuck, and UFC LHW Champ, Microsoft ad campaign) at this point in his career. Why wouldn't MP want to use someone they have actually signed and who is likely using the product?

Instead they want to threaten to sue Shane for saying he doesn't use the product and he is not signed by them in way...

Now that I had time to write this all out you may have a point story97. I mean it is MMA and MP is athlete approved, what the fuck does it matter if they randomly use guys they are not working with. They should roll a Michael Phelps ad "When he is not ripping bongs and thongs Michael Phelps uses Muscle Pharm" they just need to get some footage and they are golden....

Celebrities have a right to protect their name and likeness since they invest time and energy into monetizing themselves. Shane just signed an Exclusive deal to endorse a product (no national ad campaign included) for $500K. We can establish a value for his name.

 This wouldn't have happened to Shane if he was with "The Pav".

Shane's gettin' paid!

Rumbler -  This wouldn't have happened to Shane if he was with "The Pav".

Very true but that is why he is The Pav.

If Shane knowingly shot the commercial for a company he does not support then why did he do it?
Probably for the money.

If he shot the commercial then backed out of the deal who is left paying for the commercial?

All fighters want to get paid and alot of sharks circle fighters to "protect" them.

Hope Shane comes out ahead he's a good fighter and I hope he gets paid well in whatever he does.


 TTT I am interested in seeing how this plays out