Muscles burn lactic acid...

Found this on's front page today:

Muscles burn lactic acid as well as carbos:

"Most athletes see lactic acid as their enemy, and think that training helps them eliminate the metabolic waste product from their muscles so they will function longer and harder. But UC Berkeley physiologist George Brooks has found that training actually teaches your muscle cells how to use lactic acid as a fuel source to get more bang for the buck."

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So training is good for performance? And what role exactly does rice play in glycolysis?

No you missed the point lactic acid is good for training. The rice is only important when combined with chocolate milk and a sh-t load of supplements.

Not like that coffin needed another nail, but ya.

Just to play the devils advocate for a moment...There are other reasons why being aware of the acid alkaline balance can be beneficial.

Didn't we already know that lactic acid can be used as a fuel?


Don't vegetables taste good? What am I supposed to mix my stir-fry with?

Yeah, this isn't really news . . .we've known lactate is part of the energy
cycle for a long time.

what is really "new" is that the myth of lactic acid as the major source of burn and fatigue is slowly being changed. fucking finally.

Taku and harry arent missing the point. Biologists have known that lactic acid is used to generate energy for a long time now. It is, however, dramatically innefficient at doing so, and is a "last ditch" effort at producing energy before you run out completely. Increasing lactic acid levels in the body signal fatigue and not only the end of your energy supply, but also a change in your pH significant enough to reduce the effectiveness of your basic functions.

So sure, training to produce lactic acid might help your body to be better able to use it as an energy source. Awesome. If you had asked me this years ago i would have guessed rightly. In fact, your body will use any of its energy systems more efficiently through training. To that revelation we can all say: "No shit sherlock."


After a quick look through some resources, i found the following:

Per molecule of glucose you produce 38 molecules of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP).

I can't find the results for Lactic acid, but its something like 1 or 2 molecules of ATP per molecule of lactic acid, if memory serves. Also, during its utilization it strips NADH of electrons, and creates no further useful byproduct.

Again, this is nothing new, accept maybe that they have confirmed ("ne shit sherlock") that training will improve its efficiency. This doesnt mean that the lactic acid will produce more ATP. No, it means that you might use 10% of the produced lactic acid for energy instead of 9%. Incidentally, you will also be able to buffer it quicker, and return quicker to a more preferable state in which glucose is used for fuel.


Thanks Doug...I was just about to say much the same thing.

Still, It is always good for folks to bring stuff that they feel is interesting to share.

thanks John.


learn=adapt, wolfe's law-your body will respond to specific stresses by producing a specific adaptation.


p.s. lactic acid also make yogurt tangy. Acidopholus knows what's up too.

Makes Guinness a bit sour too.