Muscular Endurance

What is the best way to achieve this. What type of exercises can I do to get this, by myself and with a partner. What type of routine should I be doing as far as weights to get this ...........

Lil Katai

Where do you need more endurance?

For example, if you are experiencing a lot of fatigue in your shoulders/triceps a good method of developing your upper body pressing endurance would be a good pushup blend, where you do a variety of pushups n

Cycle this with some ME/DE benching and a problem with endurance would disapear. There is also loads of things you can do with a partner to help.

That's just an example though. Often serious training is too rigorous to have a complete routine, so its a good idea to focus on, and at the very least do GPP for, your weak areas.


Shouldn't the question be, FOR WHAT PURPOSE do you want muscular endurance? Grappling? Swimming? Running?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to last longer while grappling/swimming/running you should do more. . .grappling/swimming/running.

Doug, I pretty much want to step everything up. I think the things that give up first though are my forarms and anything that has to do with my guard.

pfsjkd .... Currently I am mainly grappling and mma fighting. Whish I do a lot of. The problem is that my body is so used to training that way that it needs a change so IT can change.

Yoga. Believe me.

pushups and n workout are the key IMO. in my current workout (changes every 2-3 months) i do only three exercises: diamond pushups on knuckles, hindu squats and some ghetto pullup technique (lie flat under a table, grab the edge of the table and pull yourself up until your nose touches the wood, stay there, count to two, get down, 10-15 reps (per set). body tension like a pushup but your arms do pullups) i had to invent because i have no pullup bar available. for your forearms, train your grip, another ghetto technique i use there (take a big pillow and grab it like you want to crush it, press as hard as you can, alternate each hand and make 100 reps (per set) - 50 for each hand). if you alternate those arm exercises and do them n (add in some hindu squats as a "pause") you should get good results soon, works for me. have fun.

Forearms getting tired? As in grip? Is this gi grappling or no gi?

There's a few options there. Firstly i'd practice the wizzer guard on as many people as will let you, if it's the gi. This will develop strength in the guard and in your forearms. Drill both sides.

Towel pullups and the like will help as well.

If its no gi, your options are a little different. Let me know.


huh huh....You said until your nose touches wood.

Bodyweight excercises. Scrappers routines are great choice.

Or barbells/dumbells with the repetitions of upto 25-30 per set are also generally good for muscular endurance.

hehe i meant pull up until your nose touches the table. whats the attitude towards the example exercises i posted above? do ppl reject it because its strange or do you like it? just wondering :)