Music CD to hard drive ?

I have a kinda rare music Cd that I bought.

I want to turn it into .mp3 to burn or put it on the hard drive to burn somehow in mp3 or normal Cd format.

Only have 1 CD rom drive, its a burning drive.

Is there a way to copy my standard store bought music CD onto the hard drive pretty simply? What would be the best format? It is just for storage for a couple years because its a rare CD, so I am contemplating burning to mp3 format if possible.

thanks IT ground.

You can do it with pretty much any media player. Windows Media, Nero, Musicmatch, Realplayer, etc.

There are a ton of CD Ripping software out there check out a site like do a search and read reviews until you find one that you like.

Personally if it's that rare of a CD I would rip it twice (or rip it once but ultimately make 2 versions). I'd do one as MP3s just to have, and I'd do the other one as straight wav file or some other form of file that doesn't lose as much quality as MP3s do. Basically, if anything happens to the CD you'd still have a quality copy of it, as a matter of fact, why don't you also make an exact copy of the entire CD to keep as a back up (or at least make an .iso of it or something).

Let us know if you need any help

AudioGrabber was one of the first ones out there and is now free. Works like a charm. I recommend nothing less than 192kbs as far as quality goes.

Good luck.