Music Festival Recovery

Hey guys, so I went to a music festival in New Orleans this past weekend called BUKU. As expected, I consumed quite a concoction of drugs and alcohol. Specifically I took MDA (Sassafras - precursor to molly) and my ADHD medication on one night only, mixed with alcohol and weed. I was in town for 4 days and drank/burned all of them, didn't get enough sleep either. Between Saturday and Monday I only got about 4-6 hours of sleep the two nights, and took my ADHD medication Monday morning because I had to drive another 3 hours at 6am.

I'm feeling as emotional as a pregnant lady and I've never taken this long to recover, but I've also never pushed my body that far either. I also quit drinking/smoking weed for the week since I need to detox my body, and I feel like the lack of weed increases my emotional sensitivity as well.

So my question is, anyone else ever have this issue? Any natural remedies that can help with this aside from weed and 5-HTP?


Refuel with water and necessary sleep. I'm going to a festival at the end of May and have been to others. You are probably really dehydrated, spun (feeling of body not having drugs circulating like mad through it), and honestly a little depressed you aren't there still.

Rest, relax, and take care of your body. It will pass and you will be ready for the next one.

Hope you enjoyed it!!! Phone Post 3.0

I've had mixed results with 5-HTP. Water is your friend. Also, for me I like to get some Jugo Juice or other kinds if smoothies in me.(just my experience).

Hope you had a good time there! Phone Post 3.0

Rollsafe DOT org has some great tips and prep for festivals. Followed the supplements on there last time I did one with great results. Phone Post 3.0

I had an excellent time, it was probably due more to not taking as much care of myself as I should. I'm actually starting to feel better today, but yesterday was rough.

There was a point where I literally felt my body weakening and beginning to faint due to the heat at one of the stages that was inside, scared the hell out of me so I ran outside and bought food an water immediately.

Water, rest and healthy food. Its going to be a week before you start feeling like your usual motivated self Phone Post 3.0