Music played while RPGing!!!

When me and my friends played D&D ..we listen to old Metallica,Pantera,and other music to get us ready for battle!!!!What music did you all listen to while playing???

Conan, LOTR, From Hell, the frightners, Bubba Ho-Tep sound tracks.

various Pickin' On Bluegrass CD's as well.

Rush and Yes was what we listened to

Aqua - barbie girl personal fav

Moby - early stuff

anything 80s

show tunes

deth metal (throat)

folk - 40s,50s,early 60s


polka songs about pumpkin pie are killer



Wagner etc..

Ditto on the classical music, usually Baroque style.

Danzig - Black Aria

Fantasy sdtk is rad and my favoRITE classical music fantasy piece is Per Gynnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!